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When or became ‘hor’, else became ‘helse’

By Justin Akpovi Esade
01 October 2022   |   2:35 am
And so, T4T for want of what to do decided to watch a few minutes of a Nollywood movie titled Royal Discord, on Pay TV, during the week. The film, directed by Prince Cyril and starring Georgina Ibeh

And so, T4T for want of what to do decided to watch a few minutes of a Nollywood movie titled Royal Discord, on Pay TV, during the week.

The film, directed by Prince Cyril and starring Georgina Ibeh, Sam Sunny among others, was going on as usual like other Nollywood movies… well, the same predictable storyline of a commoner falling in love with a princess, bla bla bla and then the bomb dropped!

The young princess was kidnapped and one of the kidnappers was threatening the princess to make the ransom call to the father, the king ‘hor’ ‘helse’ they would kill her. 

At first, T4T did not understand what the fella said, but had to process it all over again. ‘Hor’ ‘else’? What did the guy say? Then the nickel dropped. The guy actually meant Or Else, but because of his mother tongue interference, the tough actor replaced the two words with ‘hor’ and ‘helse’! Come on na! To think the Director, Prince Cyril heard those two words and did not immediately replace that actor or make him get the words right shows how ‘good’ a Director he is. 

If dem dey call film Directors for a public gathering, the guy sef go jump come outside too abi? Anyway sha, to God be the glory!

Like Hushpuppi, Like Abuja Big Boy, Lion
LAST weekend, the Social Media was bursting at its seams with the news of the arrest of an alleged kidnapper, John Ewa aka John Lyon and ‘Lion’. The guy was seen in boxer shorts, begging for forgiveness, on his knees and in handcuffs too. His wife just gave birth to a baby boy, he pleaded, wow! That is so sweet! He even had the time to be active in za oza room (president Buhari owns the copyright to the za oza room, please note) despite his busy schedule kidnapping people and collecting ransom!

Anyway, the story here is not that the self confessed kidnapper was caught by the Police, it is the fact that before his arrest, he was known in social circles in Abuja, the federal capital city as a socialite with the nickname, ‘Abuja Big Boy’ and there are video proof of this. He was a social media celeb like Ramon Abbas popularly called Hushpuppi, the Nigerian, currently awaiting sentencing in the US for multiple counts of wire fraud among many other scams.

Like Hushpuppi, Lion of Bayelsa was a ‘motivational speaker’ and role model for the youth that populate the Internet. There was a video of Hushpuppi T4T saw online prior to his arrest where he was ‘motivating’ young people from his expensive Dubai Hotel, urging them that they can make it and become even greater than he was. The young man told the story of how poor he was back in Nigeria and how rich he is (then) after relocating to Dubai. Hushpuppi was truly rich, rich enough to have 40 million dollars in cash in his room when the FBI and Dubai security busted him.

And so was Abuja Big Boy Lion who was seen in a video with a wad of dollars and urging people to ‘hussle’ and make it it life! Well, we all have seen how well he ‘hussled’ and where his ‘hussle’ has landed him. We wish him good luck!

Famous Otakponwen Goes To His REAL Village This Time
NOLLYWOOD movie producer, Famous Otakponwen, anytime he is going to the UK to meet up with his family, will post on Facebook that he is going to his village. Well, some of us know that oga Famous’ village is somewhere in Edo State, South South Nigeria. But the bros will be posting photos of him on the streets of the UK with his family and still claiming he was in his ‘village’.

About a month ago, he returned from his ‘village’, which some of us, including T4T can verify to be the UK but just two days ago, he announced via Facebook that he was going back to his ‘village’. That raised a red flag for T4T. So, T4T carefully looked at the picture of Oga Famous in the Economy cabin of the airplane. Behold, it was a local flight’s Economy cabin not a big aeroplane that takes one overseas, especially to the UK.

Bros, T4T put it to you say dis time, na your REAL village for Edo State you enter plane dey go and the plane go land for Benin City and you go enter bus or taxi go dat your REAL village. I ‘cash’ you dis time bros. 

Enjoy your stay with nature. Cheers

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