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Who wins Big Brother Naija… Tobi, Miracle, Cee C, Nina or Alex?


As the Big Brother Naija 2018 reality show tagged ‘Double Wahala’ comes to an end tomorrow, and the social media agog with campaigns and posters of the lasting five housemates who made it to the final week inundating fans of the show, the question begging answer is, who among the five remaining contestants will walk away with grand prize of N20million cash and an SUV valued at N25million, thus bringing the total package to N45million.

The five housemates, who are standing a chance at the ultimate grand prize, are Tobi Bakre (Tobi), Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra (Alex), Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe (Miracle), Chinonso Nina (Nina) and Cynthia Nwadiora (Cee-C).

With Anto, Lolu and Khloe eviction last Sunday, the build up to tomorrow’s grand finale and live show has been drama filled with clashes, tension, intrigues and emotional moments in the Big Brother house.

The final showdown like the edition, See Gobbe, has seen celebrities drum support for their favourite candidates. Leading the squad is Omo Baba Olowo, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido, who has come to support Tobi. He took to his Twitter page writing: “Team TEAM TOBI for the win.”

Another celebrity who has pitched her tent with the former Heritage Bank staff is Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin. On her Instagram page, she wrote “Tobi Bakre for the money. Tobi Bakre is (O.B.A) Omo Baba Alanu not (O.B.O) Omo Baba Olowo. To me, my cutest Tobi Bakre is working hard to earn a living. We can all see how brilliant, smart and eloquent Tobi is.

“Please, lets join hands and show him pure love to make him win. Please, I’m begging you nooni, if truly you want your children to be smart and brilliant like Tobi Bakre, oya help me vote my son.”

Simi Esiri, wife of singer, Dr Sid, who has been a staunch supporter of Tobi wrote: “Honestly I’m blown away with how well he’s done so far. It’s the last stretch now and we can see that Tobi genuinely has a shot at winning #BBNaijaGuys let’s vote for him because he has played the game fair and square.

“He has won numerous tasks and been Head of house more than three times and apart from the game, Tobi has been a gentleman and legit friend to everyone in the house. He’s a REAL G and deserves to win.”

Actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot, seems to be torn between Miracle and Tobi. On his Instagram page, he wrote: “On a more serious note, the Toracle brothers (Tobi and Miracle) are cool and special. Big Brother Naija is just a game, let’s enjoy it and remove sentiments. May the best TORACLE man win.”

Also supporting Tobi is Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson, who said he was supporting the five-time BBNaija Head of House and expects him to win. The Actor on his Twitter page wrote: “Fully supporting/voting Tobi. He did the work, now it’s time for us to get him that cash! Vote please for him to win. Tweets and comments don’t count.”

Singer, Orezi also pitched his tent for Tobi to emerge winner of the show. He wrote “TEAM Tobi for the win. Tobi for the money.”

For DJ Exclusive it is Miracle, as he wrote on his twitter page: “MIRACLE!! Winner of BBNaija ‘DOUBLE WAHALA 2018!!!

Last Sunday live show took off with a performance from Mavin Record’s Reekado Banks, who performed his latest single ‘Like’. Biggie, always with an ace up his sleeves, asked the housemates to move to the arena, where they were to have their final wager challenge.

The housemates were asked to pick a suitcase each from 10 suitcases holding various gift items including a cash prize. If a housemate picked the suitcase with the cash prize, the wager would be lost. Miracle picked the suitcase with the money thus winning the cash prize, even as the housemates now get to spend their last week in the house without their wager.

The housemates were up for even more surprises as they each received a video message from their loved ones back home wishing them well on the final leg of the show.

Meanwhile, during the week, feud between Cee-C and Tobi reached an all time low, as angry Cee-C stomped around the BBNaija house firing insults at Tobi, on Wednesday, thus drawing reactions from viewers of the show.

For her action was issued a warning strike for going berserk on fellow housemate. She verbally attacked Tobi, and challenged him to a fight. Tobi on his part received a word of advise from Biggie.

It would be recalled that Tobi and Cee-C (Ceebi) developed a relationship after Biggie paired the housemates together. However, the estranged housemates have not been on talking terms since the beginning of their complicated feud.

At the initial stage of their relationship, Cee-C constantly taunts Tobi with false accusations and mind games, while he always apologised to her at every accusation made.

The line was drawn earlier in the show when Cee-C accused Tobi of sexually assaulting her during one of her anger episodes. Tobi debunked the allegations, and this brought to an end to their relationship in the house. Since falling out with Cee-C, Tobi moved on and became close friends with Anto and Alex much to the annoyance of Cee-C.

Cee-C had early on Wednesday begun insulting Tobi claiming he has been gossiping about her. She described him as a ‘useless, miserable fool’, and accused him of relating with every female in the house. “You are a man and you cannot stand on your own,” she said.

Prior to the Wednesday melodrama, there was a twist in the Head of House challenge on Monday. Unlike when the housemates will go into the arena and play a game of chance, Biggie asked them to choose from either a housemate who has either had the least opportunity or the most experience in leading the House.

Miracle put Cee-C’s name up, trying to be fair towards everyone, Alex disputing the nomination suggested it be put to a vote. Cee-C, who has never had the opportunity to be Head of House, missed out on the opportunity when they decided to vote on it. Nina emerged Head of House after the vote.

Having flouted the Biggie’s directive, which did not go well with him, the housemates were given 90 minutes to reverse the choice. They were given the option to choose from either Cee-C or Tobi in the space of minimal time.

Tobi having won the highest number of Head of House challenge and Cee-C none opted out of the race, hence leaving Cee-C as the choice. However, barely 12 hours after her ascendance to the throne, Cee-C was on Wednesday dethroned from being the Head of House following her verbal attack on Tobi earlier in the day. With the development, Biggie ordered for new election. Alex was chosen as the new Head of House.

As if the ‘gods’ affirmed their approval of Alex’s ascension to the throne, she alongside Miracle won the ‘Close-Up Teeth Task’ last Thursday. Biggie asked the housemates to prepare for their presentation, first by creating groups as they were to present the task in these groups.

Alex and Cee-C was the first pair to present their task piece. Alex presented her bae issues, mentioning how her boyfriend always has her brush her teeth before a kiss.

Cee-C then gave Alex some brushing advice, alerting her that there are very damaging and ineffective brushing methods that lead to oral problems. She also offered her some Close-up products like tooth paste and tooth brushes.
Next was Miracle and Nina (Alpha). Miracle was to go on a date and his brother advised him to cover his mouth when talking to the ‘babe’ who in this case was Nina, and it looked like he too needed some Close-up intervention.

Miracle tried hard to keep his mouth covered while talking to the babe (Nina) but his hand gave in and the odour escaped, having Nina leave him right there. His ‘brother’ offered him a range of Close-up products in order to rectify his mouth odour problem but advised him to get rid if his father’s toothbrush. Miracle heeded to his brother’s advice and got his own brush, it was then that Nina obliged to a second date and scored himself a bae.

Tobi and Cee-C was the third pair to make their presentation. Tobi tried to chase his singing dreams but ended up being chased off the stage because of his smelly mouth. His babe offered some Close-up products and he made come back with a fresh breath. She also gave him more mouth health advice.

Up next was Miracle and Alex. Miracle tried to keep his odour from ruining his job interview but Alex insisted he speak and when he did, need we say more… Miracle decided to seek medical advise, and the doctor broke the odour dilemma down and advised him to use his new Close-up products instead of the toothbrush he’s been using since he was a kid. Miracle managed to kick the odour blues away and got his dream job.

Tobi and Nina (Omega) made the last presentation. Both had been tinder buddies for a while and decided to meet. Things however took a rather smelly turn when Nina uncovered her mouth, which resulted in Tobi running off. Dr. Tobi explained the odour issue and offered Nina a range of Close-up products to improve her chances of getting a kiss.

After all the presentations, Miracle and Alex (Delta) emerged as the winner of the challenge thereby bagging one million naira cash prize and N50,000 Close-up products worth.

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