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Why Teamwork Multiplies Your Talent

By Bayo Ogunmupe
26 December 2015   |   1:14 am
THERE are things that require high degrees of precision teamwork such as the launching of jets from an aircraft carrier.
Students. Photo credit afrigrowth

Students. Photo credit afrigrowth

THERE are things that require high degrees of precision teamwork such as the launching of jets from an aircraft carrier. It is easy to realize that teamwork is essential for the task. However, a task does not have to be complex to need teamwork, because one person is too small to achieve greatness. Therefore, teamwork is imperative if you want to do anything of value. Teamwork has a compounding effect on all a person possesses including talent.

Working together with others towards a common goal is a most rewarding experience of life. One, teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect. That is how teamwork multiplies your talent. In his book: Jesus on Leadership Gene Wilkes describes why teamwork is superior to individual effort: (i): Teams involve more people, it affords more resources, ideas and energy than one individual. (ii): Teams maximize a leaders potential and minimize her weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses are more exposed in individuals.

(iii): Teams provide multiple perspectives on how to meet a need or reach a goal, thus devising several alternatives for each situation. Individual insight is seldom as broad and deep as a group’s when it takes on a problem. (iv): Teams share the credit for victories and the blame for losses. This fosters genuine humility and authentic community. Individuals take credit and blame alone, fostering pride or failure.

(v): Teams keep leaders accountable for the goal. Individuals connected to no one can change the goal without accountability. (vi): Teams can simply, by their sheer power, do more than one individual. Though teams require leadership and cooperation, they produce more work at the end, their dividends are tremendous and well worth the effort.

Two, talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. One person seeking glory does not accomplish much but teams often achieve great successes. If you want to perform at the highest level, you need to be part of a team.

Three, teamwork is not about you. A team is recognized as a small number of people with diverse skills who are committed to a common purpose, goals and vision for which they hold themselves accountable. The true measure of a leader is getting people together to accomplish a goal. In order to win, a member must put the team first, ahead of personal glory. Every member must be willing to subordinate his goals to the good of the team. The secret of successful teamwork is converting individual ego into team confidence, personal sacrifice and synergy.

Four, teams create community. Effective teams create an environment where relationships grow and teammates become connected to one another. Community is based on trust and nothing can be accomplished without it. Five, adding value to others, adds value to yourself. Very often people join a team for their personal benefit. They want a supporting cast where they can be the star. But that attitude hurts the team. However, when a man of talent wants to serve, surprises can happen. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson asserted ‘‘You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world live more abundantly, with greater vision, hope and achievement.”

People who take advantage of others inevitably fail in both business and relationships. If you desire to succeed in life, then add value to others. There had never been any significant achievement that appeared to be a solo act. That proves the idea that one person is too small to achieve greatness. Distinguished journalist Rex Murphy asserts: ‘‘The successful attainment of a dream is a cart and horse affair. Without a team of horses a cart full of dreams can go nowhere. Teamwork offers the best opportunity to turn your vision into reality.” The greater the vision the greater need for a good team.