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Why you should stick to AC not fan during this heatwave


Have you ever wondered why that fan generates more heat as oppose to the coolness you desperately crave in a hot weather condition?
It is simply because the primary function of a fan is to get available air moving around, and in a situation where the weather is hot, the fan would in turn aerate the available heat. So for fan, it is simply what you see is what you get.

But for Air Conditioner (AC), its primary function is to turn hot air into cold air.An AC cools indoor spaces by changing the temperature. It transforms the air in your home or office to a comfortable temperature through its regulator. So whether you choose a standing AC, cassette AC or a wall AC, what you get is a total transformation of hotness to coolness irrespective of the weather temperature degree.

Health Implication Of Using Fan For Ventilation During Heatwave
According to the American Medical Association journal, although the use of fans may increase comfort at temperatures less than 90° F, fans are not protective against heatstroke when temperatures reach above or equal to 90° F and humidity exceeds 35%.

Excessive heat and humidity are dangerous to human health as these conditions cause chronic illness and diseases that may become fatal. So, during hot weather condition, your best option especially at home, is an AC as it reduces high temperature and humidity levels.

Attributes of AC
. A lot of AC comes with extra features that help to increase the level of comfort that you feel in your space. This includes things like various speed modes, an intuitive user interface, a remote control, and timers.
. Some units even come with in-built heating so you can switch up the settings during winter, as well as in-built pumps that help to channel all the moisture that have been captured out of the room.

Effect Of AC And Fan In Your
Enclosed Space
. The AC conditions your indoor air to desired comfort temperature, humidity, airflow velocity, and air quality. While fan can only be used in a naturally ventilated environment, anything otherwise, is discomfort and detrimental to the health.

. AC solely conditions the air by maintaining all the parameters including heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification. While a fan only moves the gust of air, which causes increase in velocity such that if the ambient air is hot, all you get is the sweat evaporating from the skin.

Apparently, it is no doubt that it is safer to use AC especially during the heatwave, considering how it works like a refrigerator to cool the air in your home or office. However, an average income earner always put the high-energy consumption of AC into consideration. So oftentimes, people settle for fans because it is cost efficient and conserves energy. Which is why it is advisable to have both fan and the AC. So that when the weather temperature is cool, you can use the fan, which works well in a ventilated weather condition.

Also, it is important to ensure that you do not increase the temperature of your AC too high such that becomes excessively cold, that can also be detrimental to your health.

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