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With artificial intelligent bot, KariXchange excites software sector


KariXchange CEO Eucharia Amanambu speaking at the launch of Nira in Lagos.

Though Nigeria serves as a key business hub, which thrives in and attracts foreign trade to the African continent, it falls in the category of developing nations still lagging behind in its ICT development on a global scale.

As at 2017, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Nigeria ranks 143 on the 2017 global ranking for ICT Development Index (IDI).

However, technology startups are gradually developing technology software solutions, which companies and organisations are leveraging on to improve service delivery, and address societal challenges.


On a large scale, these efforts are geared towards closing the technological divide between Africa and Europe.

Today, technology innovation is seen as an option out of poverty, and most technology hubs are providing communities with infrastructures to support homegrown innovations.

These hubs are not only providing start-ups with the technical support and access to fast internet, and free training, but also provide a network of both professional and social in which these technology entrepreneurs can thrive.

Just recently, KariXchange, a Nigerian start-up software company built a social and service Artificial Intelligent Bot, Nyra, which will underlie most of its applications and platforms.

Nyra is both a social and service Bot that will participate in major social activities and also be a backbone for KariXchange’s Service Apps.

First conceived as a service Bot for one of its applications, which will be launched in two months time, however due to the World Cup, KariXchange decided to launch the Bot to participate in the fervor of the World Cup.

Nyra, an androgynous Bot is intelligent enough to predict matches, chat with users over any topic, and create a user experience around chats.

On the World Cup, Nyra gives valuable information on progress of the game and also predicts scores.

It prompts predictions from users and any user, who happens to make accurate counter prediction, stands to win gifts.


According to KariXchange CEO, Eucharia Amanambu, the startup is two months away from releasing its first service application built around artificial intelligence.

Powered by Nyra, the service app uses other machine learning technologies for predicting human behaviour and delivering excellent customer service.

She informed that KariXchange is positioning Nyra for the future, especially robotics, with goal to create jobs and empower users leveraging on Artificial intelligence and Internet of things.

“In two months, KariXchange will launch its first service application which will be centered on Nyra, but specifically utilise machine learning, another branch of AI, to make the app cognitive, accurate in predicting human behavior and excellent in customer service,” she said.

Amanambu said that the organisation’s AI is intelligent enough to engage users in any topic, and most importantly, predict matches.

“Match prediction is a difficult area to delve in. Beyond focusing on previous results, each game needs to be analysed for context.

Individual team strength, individual player capabilities, past goal records, clean sheets, the importance of the match, etc, are all contexts that are varied. 

Also, analysing context can be very tasking, challenging, and tricky. However, we are confident and Nyra is up to the task,” she said.

Nira actually predicted that Nigeria was going to beat Iceland at the World Cup and it came to pass.

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