Friday, 12th August 2022
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Women in Moviedom… A peep through their timelines on Women’s Day

By Shaibu Husseini
12 March 2022   |   2:41 am
It was International Women’s Day on Wednesday and so many female screen celebrities took a stand against gender inequality with millions around the world.

Kate Henshaw

It was International Women’s Day on Wednesday and so many female screen celebrities took a stand against gender inequality with millions around the world.

With the harsh tag #BreakTheBias and with arm crossed to show their commitment to calling out bias and smashing all forms of discrimination against the female gender, the screen celebrities, from the young to old, flooded their timelines with special messages which further showed their commitment to break existing biases and effect real change.

Moviedom peeped through the social media timelines of some notable female screen celebrities on the day of International women and their thoughts against gender inequality and bias are shared as a special to commemorate the day….

Monalisa Chinda
“Gender inequality coupled with the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It poses threats to ways of life, livelihoods, health, safety and security for women and girls around the world. This year’s International Women’s Day Theme “Break The Bias”

#BreakTheBias is an opportunity to bring to the front burner centuries of gender inequality and bias against woman. I am giving up a shout out for women all over the world who toil day and night without reasonable support from the men, husbands, government and the society that subjected the female gender to unfair treatment and denied opportunities.

As an advocate for gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow, I call upon women the world over to rise up above the #bias on women and condemn every discriminatory action, treatment on the woman and womanhood. I also call on all decision-makers, lawmakers, government and the family to empower women and girls to have a voice and equal representation in decision-making. Without gender equality today, a sustainable future and equal future remains a dream. I hope to continue to use the platform of my foundation—Arise Monalisa Foundation to inspire hope, promote creativity and create opportunities for the less privileged across the continent with a focus on the youth, women and the orphans.”

Kate Henshaw

“Despite gender inequalities, stereotypes and discrimination across all sectors, women continue to thrive and beat the odds. Slow down for no one and if they don’t want you at their table, create your own. Until women are seen and heard, we will continue to share our stories, our triumphs, and our resilience. We need to move past hashtags and ensure safe, secure and inclusive spaces for women in every area of society. Happy International Women’s Day to all my strong women.”

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe
“In an ever-changing world, where there seems to be an erosion of core values, It becomes extremely important to ask women to go back to our root of being real mothers in the hood. Let our breaking the bias start by not being afraid to question, train, and encourage our young ones to grow slow and steady. Women are the salt of the earth, May our flavour envelope the world.”

Uche Jombo
“To the women building empires, pushing boundaries, raising babies, making memories and have refused to take no for an answer. You are paving the way for a new generation who are ready to play, stand tall and stand proud for all that you are! A woman. I celebrate you. Happy International Women’s Day.”

Ego Boyo
“Happy International Women’s Day. Break the bias and practice allyship. Break the bias by giving women full access to human rights. Break the bias at work by letting women have equal opportunities. Break the bias by allocating more representative leadership positions in politics to women. Break the bias by putting an end to gender-based violence. Break the bias by promoting equality for women in society and in culture, areas where bias have become common practice.”

Nse Ikpe-Etim
“Dear Woman, you are enough. You are more than the bias. Together as we genuinely lift each other, we shall break the ceiling of bias and reject and smash all forms of discrimination against women.”

Ngozi Nwosu
“Happy International Women’s Day to us. We are robust, reliable and this year, we chose to break the biases and prejudices. In your little nook, let your voice be heard and your existence be felt. Be impactful. Speak out and make that move. A small step into the right direction is all you need. As we all commemorate the day, let us resolve to take those necessary steps and make the move that will lead us towards the achievement of bigger goals. Happy Women’s Day.”

Ibinabo Fiberisima
“Happy International Women’s Day to all of the women and girls out there doing amazing things in the world. Whether you realise it or not, YOU are an inspiration! Keep doing your thing, blazing trails, making strides, and being yourself. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on the women in my life who have supported me and propped me up when I dearly needed it. We must always embrace our kindness and nurturing spirit that helps make the world a better place. A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.”

Lala Akindoju
“As we celebrate International Women’s day, let us continue to speak up, taking up spaces and demanding gender equality and we must become more intentional about breaking all the bias against women. Our actions towards breaking bias and rejecting all forms of discrimination should be deliberate, intentional and consistent.”