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Workplace plants


Nice office plants sculptural Spanish bayonent in white planters

Plants In The Office

You can spice up your workday by decorating your office with your favorite indoor plants. Having plants at the office can brighten your mood throughout the day.

Compact plants are perfect for decorating your desk at home or at the office. There is often limited natural light at work and air circulation is poor. Try using some hardier table plants such as Peace lily, ZZ plant, Cast- iron plant and so on.


Good Office Or Desk Plants

Cast- iron plant (Aspidistra elatior); Swiss cheese or fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa); Peace lily (Spathiphyllum); Zanziber gem or ZZ plant (Zamioculas).

Decorating Tips: Plants bring life to corners and dead spaces in the office. Training plants to grow up against the wall will help soften harsh lines. Plants can enhance the workplace.

Suspending plants from the ceiling or placing them on desks are great ways to break up your office space. Use neutral colored pots to avoid making the office look to chaotic.

Kichenette in offices are often forgotten when it comes to decorating. Even when you are short on space, there are places you can incorporate greenery. Plants can be grown higher up, out of the way. Delicate leaves perfectly complement bold architectural features.

Meeting And Reception Areas:

Plants make for a nice welcome when placed In hallways and in reception areas. They are comforting and make a calming first impression. These spaces are often used heavily and have little natural lightings so try using plants like Cast iron plant, Rubber plant or Umbrella tree.

Hallway, Waiting room or Reception Plants: Bird of paradise(Strelitzia Nicolai; reginae); Cast iron plant(Aspidistra elatoir); Dumb cane(Dieffenbachia); Lady palm(Rhapis); Rubber plant(Ficus elastic).

Decorating Tips: Plants have a calming effect in waiting rooms. Consider grouping a number of plants to create a focal point.

Smaller plants in handmade ceramic pots are perfect for side tables where they can be appreciated close up, meeting areas are typically lifeless and stark introducing larger plants around the meeting room can lighten the mood, while also keeping the meeting table free for paper work.

Having plants in the office not only make your workplace beautiful and a healthier environment, but can brighten your mood throughout the day for good work day.

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