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You Can Survive A Major Mistake


RelationshipWe make mistakes all the time and the misdeed may be of such importance that we feel that life should not be the same again. However, we only feel crushed because we were caught doing a wrong thing. We have done that thing because we thought that we were in control, without warning, however, our behavior confronts us asking for explanation or atonement and with it comes the realization that we are not in control at all.
With the realization that you who have seen yourself as confident and in-charge are just as helpless as everybody may cause you to panic.

Some people meet the result of the choices they have made at some time in their lives, pay the price and emerge stronger human beings while some continue to suffer as a result.

But continuous grieving over a mistake does no good to the person or would your loved ones be happy to be reminded that you once were a sinner. Naturally, some people would complain that “somebody who have been caught to do such a terrible thing; and who should hang her head in shame?
Hanging your head in shame is a normal process when you have goofed, so mourn when you are caught; you would not have to fake it anyway because with the realization of the enormity of your offence and the price you may be asked to pay, that feeling of shame will come naturally anyway.
In your relationship, at work or when you have committed a crime that pitches the law against you, you can survive, we say.

While we say that no mistake leaves you feeling good, we state that any human being at all can make a wrong judgment and take the wrong decision if he is not.
Some people who have gone through challenges complain that friends and even family have abandoned them in their time of need yet they have survived. And so can you if you try to walk tall after you have been caught dipping your fingers in the national can with this war on corruption. We are not consoling the mighties who may fall; we are saying gout there and face the result squarely, you are only human who is not above the law.

I remember a bitter divorce of a couple who were relatives. The woman came back to her mother’s suddenly .The husband who previously worshipped the ground she walked on had discovered an affair that she had already ended. The affair was close to the youngest child and paternity became a tussle at some point. It was a pity to see her gazing into space. The relationship caved in and many people thought that she had had it too. But she recovered and has been married to another man for a couple of years now.
Some people had tried to rake up her past by claiming that if she could have behaved so badly in a previous marriage; chances are that she has not changed at all. But her new husband is not complaining and nobody could say that they have seen her misbehaving.
How could she be said to be happy after a divorce and the break -up of her previous family-it took time before the former would accept paternity of the girl even when it was pointed out to him that she is his mirror image.

How is it possible to survive? She did not allow the shame to rule her life. Another important factor to remember when it looks like your world has collapsed is to think clearly. Remember that you did not do it because you wanted to be praised. So plan; trying to explain at the initial stage may not help you.

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