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‘You cheat the next generation If you don’t document your experiences’

By Eniola Daniel
05 March 2022   |   4:02 am
I wrote this book to help this generation because there is this thinking that this generation lacks something it already has. For me, this is the best generation but a lot of people are doing the right things with the wrong mindset.

Dr. Daniel Moses is an inspirational leader and author. He spoke with ENIOLA DANIEL about his book, You Don’t Need Money To Be Rich.

‘The title of this book sounds interesting, what inspired it?
I wrote this book to help this generation because there is this thinking that this generation lacks something it already has. For me, this is the best generation but a lot of people are doing the right things with the wrong mindset.

They are doing the right thing with the wrong mindset and people have been asking how the present generation could be rescued. So, I decided to take it upon myself, I went into deeper research and put everything I have researched into work, and they worked for me. So, I decided to put it out to help my generation and generations to come.

When I was younger, a lot of things that inspire the youth of today never inspired a lot of us. So, I want to let people know that life is not all about money. There are more things you can do that will attract money, but the youths are going after the money instead of things that will make money come after them. That is the reason I put this book together.

What was your story before writing the book?
I have been in the automobile world, doing a lot of things that have nothing to do with my destiny and purpose. So, when I made money, I still felt the emptiness. I kept asking myself some questions, and then, I come to the realisation that life is not all about money. I was doing the right thing with the wrong mentality.

You can be a lawyer but the purpose of living is to be a doctor. Though you’re making money, yet you will not be fulfilled. You can be happy because the money is there but you won’t still feel fulfilled. The things I used to see as problems before became opportunities when I started following my purpose in life.

What do you want Nigerians to take from this book?
Nigerians should see beyond the surface of what they are looking at. When you see beyond the surface, you will understand that you have to be yourself. When you are yourself, you realise that those things you see and hold with much importance do not really matter.

The problem today is that people don’t talk to themselves; they allow external influences. When I was young, my friends approached me that we should travel out of the country to get a better life, but doesn’t have anything to do with my destiny.

How long did it take you to write the book?
It took me 10 years to put the book together. And my second book, titled: ‘The Answer To The Problem Is The Problem,’ is coming out soon.

I find it convenient to write in the morning. Writing comes naturally to me after my exercise. I never had any idea that I was going to write a book. I just love the spirit of learning, but some people convinced me to write after they read some of my write-ups.

Some call me a motivational speaker, but I always tell people that I’m a motivational speaker. I’m an inspirational teacher. Motivation is what we are born with, but inspiration is what we get from people who existed before us. A lot of people left the face of the earth 2000 years ago but they left something for us to learn.

Who is your favourite Nigerian author?
I don’t have a favourite Nigerian author but an American author. He’s Dr. Wayne Dyer. But the book that changed my mind was Thinking and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He said in his book, ‘what you think is what you become.’ So, coming from that point of view, I said to myself every time, if what I think is what I become, how come I cannot be thinking everything right? I realised that I was not thinking.

A lot of people in this world today don’t think. What people call thinking today is not thinking, it’s a worry, they worry over problems.

How difficult was it for you to leave the automobile industry for book writing?
Most of my friends thought I was going crazy. I realised that there are two ways to have everything. Desire less, you will have more; desire more, you will get less.

Do you believe that Nigerians don’t read?
I disagree. If Nigerians don’t read, then how come Nigerians top everywhere they go in the world?

How do you relax?
I love reading ancient books. You are cheating the next generation if you don’t document your experiences. Tell your story. Your story today may not make much impact, but it will matter to somebody 10, 000 years from now.

How do you describe yourself?
Inspiration teacher.

What did you learn in the cause of writing this book and how has it impacted your life?  
There is no shortcut to getting things in life.