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Your home bar as comfort zone


Your home should be a comfort zone where you create everything you need and have it all, anything less, may not exactly be a home. The apt understanding of the fore is why some people are eager to get back home, either from the day’s work or a glamorous trip from the best places in the world.

With a bar cabinet in your home where you store your wines, soft drinks or otherwise, the result is constant 24/7 treat at your comfort zone.However, the ideology of a home bar is far beyond the old-fashioned bar, with no touch of sophistication, erected on a wall at the corner of the living room. It is a brief tough of glamorous spot either in your living room or an entire room space created for relaxation. So whether it is erected at a section in your living room, dinning or an entire room space, a modern home bar should be simplified to an atmosphere of relaxation with no ambiguity.

How to design your bar
. You definitely need a bar designer, because it must be erected at a strategic place in the home with safety precautions and caution, such that restricts access for underage persons.
. It is very important to liaise with your designer on his or her choice of construction equipment and materials, as you need to consider other interior decors in the home.
. Once the issue of equipment is sorted, ensure to create illumination at your home bar, as you need to see your drinks clearly for caution and safety. So you can go for pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling. Your home bar will look perfect with a cluster of three or four pendant lights centered above the bar and high enough to avoid head bumping. It is advisable to choose lower wattage bulbs and soft lights to give your bar area a pub-like atmosphere.
. Your home bar stools must be at a hand reach height to your bar top where you place your glass of drink, as you need to be able to support yourself if at any point you feel intoxicated. A typical bar top stands 41-43 inches from the floor. Bar stools then need to stand 29 to 32 inches from floor seat. If the bar approaches 46 inches tall, the bar stools will need to be 30-36 inches in height. Also, your bar stool should have at least a small back for support. For those who have limited space and cannot have bar seats, your bar should be erected either close to your dinning or where you have your living room sofa.


Why you should have a home bar
. Having a home bar reduces the risk of drinking and driving, as you no longer have to stop over at that hangout on daily basis when you know you can have the fun at home.
. Going out to hang out at a bar with friends is fun but inviting your friends over to your home bar is the new going out.
. There is no unwanted company in your home bar, no fight, nor bouncers, just regular conversation amongst friends or family.

Choosing a beautiful bar surface
The bar surface is the most visible part of the bar, so you cannot be indifferent about it. It is advisable to go for the classics, like granite and marble slabs, which are quite expensive but will give top-tier bar appearance and will last forever.However, modern experimental bars are now being built with stainless steel, glass and butcher block as bar surfaces. Stay away from surfaces that are easily scratched or that may peel or crack over time.


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