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Allahbura’s Life In Reverse

By Daniel Anazia
05 March 2016   |   5:44 am
Hauwa Allahbura is a young versatile, resourceful, talented, disciplined and vibrant actor, who has so much passion for acting and loves what she does with a desire of becoming a global superstar.
Hauwa Allahbura

Hauwa Allahbura

Hauwa Allahbura is a young versatile, resourceful, talented, disciplined and vibrant actor, who has so much passion for acting and loves what she does with a desire of becoming a global superstar. She hugged stardom when she emerged the winner of the Miss FCT pageant in 2012 and her reign spanned to 2013.

Armed with a passion for making anything she does work, she endeared herself to the hearts of Nigerian movie buffs with her presentation of the TV show, Village Square TV, a Nollywood entertainment programme that broadcasted on ONTV, but has metamorphosed into a TV channel known as Trybe TV.

Born in Kanam Plateau state, growing up she said, was very interesting as she grew up in different states in Nigeria. “My father was a Customs officer and he was always on transfer. Living in different parts of the country helped me interact with various ethnic groups and I was able to pick up two languages — Hausa and Yoruba.”

With a degree in History from the Nassarawa State University, and a burning desire to pursue her passion in acting, Hauwa’s acting career was triggered in 2014, when some directors and producers saw the potential in her and helped me see a bigger picture.

Determined to be a better actor, and sharpen her acting skills, she attended the New York Film Academy, where studied acting, and Montana State University where studied documentary film making on a sponsorship by Ford Foundation and Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

“My parents were blown away by the decision because I was already a TV Presenter, and my father could not just wait to see me in different characters. I will keep saying he is one of my biggest fans. My first role in a movie was in Rovieno, which was released in October 2014, but my first major role was in Gidi Blues, which is coming out in April and I will say it is my major spring board. The movie is a world class standard film that helped me stretch myself as an actor. It is a film that can be screened anywhere in the world with a story people can connect to. I fell in love with the script.”

You have worked with experienced and notable individuals in the Nigerian movie industry. What lessons would you say you have been able take away from opportunity?

“I must confess I’ve been very privileged to work with notable people in the industry including Femi Odugbemi in Gidi Blues; Frank Rajah in 18th Anniversary, and Fred Amata in Newman’s Street among others. The lessons I’ve been able to take will be advanced interpretation of characters and professionalism.”

Humbled with her accomplishments so far, and having worked on outstanding projects including Tinsel, back to back in 2015, Hauwa hopes the work continues in such a pace in 2016 with people appreciating her little contribution in the industry.

“As much I will say, my accomplishments have been mind blowing; I’m ready and open to more challenges. 10 years from now is actually a long time, but five years from now, I already see myself as a household name celebrated in film festivals across the globe like the Cannes, Toronto Film festivals. 10 years will be having a legacy which will be followed and looked up to by the up and coming.”

Starting out, Hauwa explained that the biggest challenge was opportunity, as every fresh face in the industry needs a breakthrough project or role that will showcase their talent. “Having to go through about four months of serious auditions and no job makes it almost depressing. As you are given the opportunity and you take advantage of it, everything begins to fall into place. My biggest challenge again and again will be identifying and utilising the right opportunities, which I’m glad, I’ve overcome.”

What projects are working now, and what do you intend to achieve with or through it?
Right now I’m working on my short film titled Life In Reverse, a story about a Christian girl saved by a Muslim woman in the heat of crisis in Jos. I’m still on Tinsel, playing the character Maro and I’ve been scheduled to shoot two feature films in March, which I’m not at liberty to share. With my short film, I intend to drive a story on unity.

What drives you and what is your typical day like?
“What drives me as an actor is passion to succeed and make and impact, which acting makes me do. The joyous thing for me will be changing lives and making people smile. My typical day is not the normal typical day, as I shoot almost everyday and a few off days, which I can only thank God for. As for unwinding, I will say going to the beach helps me relax, as I love the atmosphere and go mostly on weekends.”

For Hauwa, the highest points of her career building would be when jobs started coming in on and on, while her lowest points will be to wait for months jobless and going for auditions hoping the right jobs will come.

What are your favourites… colour, food, holiday spot/destination and movie?
“I don’t have a favorite colour, I just love too many colours and can’t seem to just choose one, same goes for food. Vacation destination will be any Island, as I love to be on the Island away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

“There is nothing I can actually not do without,” she says, adding that, “I’m not attached to anything fashion wise so you will catch me wearing pretty much anything. Well, my most expensive items will be my wrist watch and hand bags, but the value for me goes beyond the price.”

Her sense of style is a balance of two different styles, and she loves being glam, especially when she is going for events or other social gatherings. “I love to be glamorous, but when I am just doing my everyday grocery shopping or running around, I like to go simple, easy, and comfortable; no heels or makeup. So it’s a balance of glam and comfort.

To the upcoming talents, she says, “some may be desperate for a quick breakthrough in their career and they may left with no choice other than to take the short, which may be inimical to their career. I do not believe in that, but believes in taking the long route to success through hard work and persistence.”