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Movement creates motivation


How would you like to learn a secret that would keep you motivated to work hard on any task every single day of your life? How would you like to get things done and motivate everyone?

No matter your mood and whether you are tired or not, this little secret works like a magic and would allow you work through any task, irrespective of how daunting it is. This little secret triggers motivation at any given time. With this secret, motivation is not what you wait for; it is what you create, and you can make it come easily anytime you need it. It is the best way for creating an unstoppable force for your breakthrough.

So, what is this secret, so powerful that it would literally change your life? I sum it up in just three words- Movement creates Motivation. I call it the ‘Movement’ advice. This philosophy has changed everything that I do. In fact, it is a forward momentum approach to achieving anything you want. Whether in business, relationship, keeping fit, leadership, spiritual build up, entrepreneurship journey or even parenting, it works everywhere and at any time. If you are not motivated, you need to move.


Motivation is not created by waiting; it is created by physical movement. This philosophy would not suddenly change everything around you, but I guarantee that if you begin to practise what I have explained in this article, it would dramatically improve your results. I have tried it severally and I can assure that it would never fail.

I would let you in on a little secret: the most successful people in the world are not always motivated; they don’t live their life by their mood, they generate their motivation through movement. That is why Nike has become a billion dollar brand. Think about their slogan, ‘Just Do It.’ As a personal development coach, I have worked with a lot of people over the years and I can tell you that the reason one person looks fantastic and the other person just looks average is most often due to consistency and not motivation.

This is very simplistic, I know, but if you want to get the body you want, the single biggest thing is consistency. If you want to get the relationship that you desire, it is still consistency. The people who are getting the results you want are almost always more consistent in their approach. They don’t let lack of motivation stop them from taking continued action. They just do it!

As a columnist on several national and international platforms, I realise that I have to churn up contents weekly and also many times daily on social media. I started my writing ministry waiting to be motivated to write until I realise I could not afford to wait for motivation any longer. I wonder how I would tell my editor that the reason why I wasn’t able to submit my weekly write-ups was because I wasn’t motivated.

I realise that for me to have a sustainable writing ministry, I would have to make motivation catch up with me and not the other way round. Today, I have many tasks to do that I cannot just wait for motivation. I have learnt over the years to substitute motivation with movement.
Many times, I pick up my pen to write without motivation and keep ending up each time with a masterpiece. Most of my write-ups are not due to motivation; they are due to ‘movement.’ Don’t wait for your spirit to be stirred before you take necessary and strategic steps in life. Move your spirit!

Many times, I just pick up my pen with nothing particularly in mind to write on, but ultimately stunned with the piece I eventually churned up. Most masterpieces are not borne out of motivation, but out of movement.The core secret of sustainable and consistent success is ‘Movement’ and not ‘Motivation.’ Movement creates motivation, not the other way round. Never wait for motivation to happen to you. Just move!

The number one enemy of success is waiting to be motivated. Motivation is meant for starters, while Movement is the secret of finishers. If you want to finish strong in life, never wait for motivation. As a mother, you wake up early in the morning to prepare the children for school, prepare the breakfast for the family, clean the house and prepare yourself for the day’s activity. Every mother would tell you she seldom waits to be motivated to do this. She just carries herself off the bed and starts moving.


Waiting for motivation simply means that you have waited too long. As a personal development coach, I have realised that the easiest way to kill procrastination is to stop waiting to be motivated before taking a step. One of the signs of maturity is moving yourself to create motivation and not vice versa. The longer you keep moving consistently, the bigger the momentum.

Your destiny and impact is far-reaching that you cannot just sit around waiting to be motivated or looking out for a lucky break. You have to create your own motivation by consistent movement at something that you love to do. Take ownership of your own motivation and stop waiting for motivation to happen to you. Movement creates momentum; momentum creates motivation.

Many books have been left unwritten because the writers were waiting for motivation. Many innovations had been buried in the grave because of waiting for motivation. Many ideas will forever lay dormant because of lack of movement.In writing that book, in investing into that relationship, in using that gift or talent, in building that business empire or ministry, never again wait for motivation. One person has all the talent and knowledge they need, but they just lack the discipline to just take action. Don’t be that person. Take daily and consistent steps towards your goal.

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