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Your Thoughts Will Define Your Destiny


There has been so much talk about how peoepl should guide what they think. Many of our people are negative thinkers. They think negative all day long. What if the car crashes? What if the business fails? What if my boyfriend stops loving me? What if, what if? What they do not know is that this negative thinking is shaping their world and those negative thoughts soon becomes their reality.

The more you think about something, the more you are likely to experience it and that is a fact. Call it Law of Attraction, or call it infinite intelligence or call it Cosmic Habit force. It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you think it, you are likely it experience it. This goes for the positive and the negative. So why do people waste their time on the negative if the results of attracting the things you think are the same. If I knew that I would attract success and prosperity if I kept thinking in that way, then why would I keep thinking of poverty and misery?

If the truth be told most of our people are caught in a time capsule. We are suffering from backwardness and superstition so the negative mind set is so embedded in our psychology that ii is hard to up root.
Take this short but very wise advice
Manage your thoughts, they will become your words
Manage your words, they will become your actions
Manage your actions, they become your habits
Manage your habits, they become your character
Manage your character, it becomes your destiny

Our destiny is and has always been in our hands and it all starts with our thought process, our mind set. If we have a positive mindset, if we are winners and if we believe in ourselves then it is very likely that we will succeed in life. If on the other hand that we are negative people, always complaining, never seeing the good in anything, always expecting the worst to happen. Then that that will be our destiny and for these negative people, they will accept that destiny because they have already convinced themselves that the bad stuff was going to happen anyway so let’s live with it.

Your thoughts will define your destiny so please guide your thoughts very jealously. Be careful what you allow yourself to hear from so called friends and even family members. Be careful what you read, be careful what you watch. Make sure you feed your mind with positive things that will move you to the heights of human achievement.

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