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Youth Unstoppable: New era beckons for young Nigerians

By Maria Diamond
04 August 2018   |   4:00 am
Born and raised in Lagos where he lived for 19 years before proceeding to the United Kingdom for his tertiary education, Isaac Taiwo is a registered scientist...

Isaac Taiwo

Born and raised in Lagos where he lived for 19 years before proceeding to the United Kingdom for his tertiary education, Isaac Taiwo is a registered scientist in the UK and the founder of Youth Unstoppable (YOU), platform channeled towards creating a new Nigerian youth void of misdirection and vices.

Taiwo, a graduate of Biomedical Science at London Metropolitan University, with a Master Degree in Public Health, informed that the movement was birthed out of his passion to assist young people to thrive no matter the circumstance.

“I felt that a lot of young people do not have direction to their life and future, so, I decided to create a platform to help channel young people to the right path in life. I did a comparison between the Western world and what we have in Africa and saw a huge difference in all ramifications, even in mindset and behavior,” he said.

As a diaspora Nigerian, he teamed up with another like mind, Tunde Fatoki, to pioneer the organisation that aims at creating new era for young people.

Though he has always worked with young people, the real drive for Taiwo came after he graduated from the university and realized what young people go through in Nigerian to acquire education.

“After my studies, I felt that to really impact value to Nigeria, there is need to practice my profession in the same environment where I studied so I can garner qualitative experience before returning to base. Afterwards, I had the drive to come back home to see how best to make a visible difference in the lives of young people below age 35; to empower and train them in different vocations of their choice with business start-ups.”

This, he said, will bring about national transformation and help young people to actualize their dreams.

“We are looking out to creating a new Nigeria where youth can be creative enough through critical thinking to birth a better nation. We are looking out for a Nigeria where every youth is gainfully employed and empowered without necessarily job hunting but with creativity of the mind put into visualization,” he said.

On how he intends to drive the process, he explained, “They will be empowered enough to have resources available to live at the least, an average life. We are going to create a value system where people are taught ethics and mannerism in relating and dealing with others within and outside the country. So, we host conferences for youth in higher institutions and bring in high profile persons and professionals in their chosen career to teach the youths,” he said.

According to Tund Fatoki, the president of YOU, the insurance practitioner said he got on board with Isaac because of the present situation of youth in the country that seem to have lost focus and deviated from the right path of life.

“While I was in the university, I realised corruption seem to have become inbuilt in our youths from the base level, so for transformation, we need to pay utmost attention towards changing their orientation. So, to make a sustainable impact, we stick to a one-on-one contact with our youths and do a follow up after trainings and empowerment.”

“We also device a mean to stoop low to the level of those youths who are casted as no-good due to vices, and talk them out of their ill wayward lifestyles. Though it has been challenging, but it’s about setting your priorities and making good use of your time,” he said.

On how they plan to fund the process, he said, “We have resolved within ourselves not to go from pillar to post sourcing for funds. So, we manage the funding and needed resources within ourselves because it is something that has to be done if we must transform our nation,” he said.