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Ahmed Musa arrested for alleged wife battery


Jamila was allegedly beaten by Ahmed Musa PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/AHMED MUSA

Leicester City’s record signing and Nigerian international Ahmed Musa was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly beating his wife Jamila, a media report in the UK said.

The Independent reported that Musa was arrested and released hours after Leicester’s 2-0 triumph over Sunderland. But he did not play a part in the match.

“A 24-year-old man was arrested yesterday morning at his home address near Leicester on suspicion of common assault,” a spokesman for Leicestershire Police spokesman said.

Leicester City said that they were aware of the investigation, but confirmed that they will not be taking action against the player after the matter was closed.

“We are aware that Ahmed Musa has today cooperated with a police inquiry relating to a disturbance in the early hours of this morning,” a Leicester City spokesman said.

“’The inquiry has since been closed and no further action is to be taken.

“We see no reason for formal action internally, though Ahmed will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter with football management when the squad returns.”

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  • MUkintu

    If he actually put his hands on his wife he should be jailed. He is in a civilized country and not in the jungle called Nigeria.

    • F.B. Eye

      The current president of the most “civilized” country in the world bragged about grabbing women in their private parts and making predatory sexual advances towards women.This is a human problem, not a cultural problem. I never saw my dad put his hands on my mother for more than the sixty years they were married and they were as Nigerian as can be.

  • Ako Amadi

    This cannot be true! To be arrested as the caption of this article tells us means you are taken away to the police station, which did not happen. How can anyone be arrested and not get charged? If anything happened in his home that was loud in the ears of neighbours it does not have to be the beating of a woman.

  • Ojiyovwi

    Only cowardly boys beat women, because they failed to grow into men. Real men know that women make men and women. I am man who respected my mother and looked after her and was always grateful to her for all her sacrifices to make me into the man I became – a good man by all measures. Now as a husband, a father to sons and daughters and a grand father to 2 daughters, I value and respect my wife of 30+ years with thanks and appreciation for all her love and care.