Tuesday, 30th November 2021
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Candidates to replace Alba at Barcelona

Barcelona have been trying unsuccessfully for several years to find a replacement for Jordi Alba.

Barcelona’s Spanish defender Jordi Alba celebrates after scoring a disallowed goal during the Spanish league football match between FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on March 7, 2020. (Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP)

Barcelona have been trying unsuccessfully for several years to find a replacement for Jordi Alba. The experiment with Junior Firpo failed. In the summer of 2019, the Catalans signed a football player from Betis. “Blue Garnet” paid 20 million euros for the player, and after 2 years they sold him to Leeds for 15 million. Club pupil Juan Miranda was sent by Barcelona to the same Betis. It turned out that Alba again does not have a replacement except for 17-year-old Alex Balde, but the Catalans do not always trust their pupils.

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Robin Gosens
Gosens has been in the minds of the top clubs for several years, but still remains at Atalanta. The German spent 2 shock seasons, in which he scored 17 points (9 + 8 and 11 + 6). In the current campaign, Robin has scored 1 goal in six Serie A matches. Bergamasks know how to work in the transfer market and will not sell a player for cheap. But for the Catalans, this deal could be a success. Gosens is good, and after five years at Atalanta he will have tremendous motivation to play for a club that is ranked higher. By the way, “Blue-garnet”, by the way, were already interested in the football player. It makes sense for Catalans to take concrete action if the financial situation allows.

Alejandro Grimaldo
Grimaldo is a graduate of Barcelona. Alex left his home club in the summer of 2016 and has been playing for Benfica ever since, and very well at that. Last season, the footballer scored 11 points (2 + 9). In the current campaign, fullback has 1 goal and 2 assists in seven matches of the Portuguese championship. In the recent match against the Eagles in the Champions League, the Catalans were able to witness their pupil’s performance with their own eyes. Grimaldo is at a good age, showing good results. Why not try to get it back? Surely, the Spaniard himself would also not mind returning to the Camp Nou. Benfica does not retain players, but it knows how to sell them profitably. Negotiations with the “eagles” will not be easy, but the final result may be worth the effort, time and money spent.

Angelinho got few opportunities at Manchester City, but made a successful loan to RB Leipzig, after which he stayed with the bulls on a permanent basis. Last season in the Bundesliga fullback scored 8 points (4 + 4), in the current campaign was marked by one assist. Information appeared in the media that Barcelona was showing interest in the footballer. Angelinho is good enough in his position. The Spaniard has a long-term contract with Leipzig, calculated until June 2025. But the bulls, like Benfica, do not keep the players. The only question is what the Catalans have to offer.