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Crane House wins 2020 Corona inter house meet

By Ujunwa Atueyi
06 March 2020   |   3:13 am
They showed from the flag off of the 2020 Inter-House Sports competition of Corona Secondary School, Agbara, Ogun State that they were equipped to win the meet.

They showed from the flag off of the 2020 Inter-House Sports competition of Corona Secondary School, Agbara, Ogun State that they were equipped to win the meet. From the march past, track, field and other concluded sporting events, members of Crane House put up a good show as a team and as individuals.

At last, they won the ultimate prize with 55 gold, 30 silver and 26 bronze medals; Kingfisher House came second with 46 gold, 38 silver and 30 bronze medals, while Weaver House settled for the third position with 40 gold, 29 silver and 38 bronze medals.

The ceremony, a carnival of sorts, also featured parents march past as they turned out en masse to support and cheer their wards through their various houses.

The invited schools were not left out of the competition, as they participated in relay races, with winners getting medals and prizes.

Principal of the school, Chinedu Oluwadamilola, who was overwhelmed by the students’ athletic prowess, said the school recognised the importance of sports in the overall wellbeing of a child.

She said: “Sport is a skill that every child must have as it helps them develop confidence. As a school, we believe there is a talent in every child, and unless you make the opportunity available and create an enabling environment you are not going to harness that.

“As a rule in the school children are supposed to register for two sports per term, and that is the minimum they can do every term, they are not meant to be champions in it; the idea is just to give it a try. How do I know that I cannot play volleyball if I don’t try it? How do I know that I’m not good at badminton when I have not tried it? So, we made it compulsory that every child must choose at least a minimum of two sports they are expected to do every term, and we discovered that along the line, they develop interest and then start trying. In that way, they discover their abilities and talents and it gives them confidence, the confidence that helps them try in other areas like academics.”

Chairman, Corona Secondary School Board, Niyi Yusuf, said the school provides variety of opportunities for children to demonstrate what they can do and hopefully achieve their potential in different areas.

He said the school invested a huge sum to see to the success of the ceremony owing to its significance in child’s development.

“We have invested significant sum, over hundred of millions of naira, just to show to our parents and community the kind of talents we have in our kids. Parents now understand that each child is unique and that each child can contribute positively to humanity either in sports or academics.

“Sport now has also become a business, whether we are talking of football, boxing, long tennis, gulf, and so on. Sport has become a very lucrative business, if you are good at it whether in Nigeria or internationally, such person will achieve huge success,” he said.

On the large turn out of parents, Yusuf said, “Over the last four or five years, we have seen what we call VIP parents. That is, very involved parents, they are very involved in the development of their kids be it in the academics, social, or sports.”