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Experts call on government to provide facilities for physicall challenged

By Onoharhigho Omovudidi
17 May 2019   |   4:16 am
Director, Anglo-Nigerian Welfare Association for the Blind (ANWAB), Danlami Basharu has called on the physically...

The U.S coaches speaking with Nigeria’s physically challenged athletes during their recent visit to the country.

Director, Anglo-Nigerian Welfare Association for the Blind (ANWAB), Danlami Basharu has called on the physically challenged not to allow their disability deter them from showcasing their skills, saying they are the only ones that can prove their potential in every sphere of endeavor.

Speaking during a meeting with coaches from the U.S, who came to the country to train physically-challenged Nigerians at the weekend, Basharu advised the physically challenged to work more on their skills as part of efforts to prove their worth in sports.

He called on the public to see the physically challenged as part of the society and show no segregation to them, stressing that they had performed better than the able bodied counterparts in recent times.

Also speaking at the event, High Performance Director for U.S. Paralympics Track and Field Programme, Seller Louise Catherine, who led the visiting U.S Sports Envoys to Nigeria, urged the Federal Government to provide sports infrastructure in communities and schools to help discover talents at early stages.

Catherine also encouraged parents to allow their physically challenged children to get involved in sports rather than hide them in shame.
“Segregation is high in Nigeria therefore parents lock up their physically challenged children rather than expose them.

“Sports education should be carried out on parents for them to be informed.
Policies that facilitate the physically challenged to participate in sports should be set in place,” she said.

Another member of the U.S delegation, Ogbe Dennis advised the physically challenged athletes against depending solely on government, adding that they should rather seek sponsorship from well to do companies.

He advised them to prepare their plans and budgets before approaching any company for sponsorship, adding, “we must not forget that these companies are profit oriented and would only assist if the plans are attractive.

“The physically challenged need to be cautious of their dressing when approaching a sponsor. You need to dress the way you want to be addressed.”