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FC Bulmaro wants Nigeria’s sports medicine structure rejigged

By Adaku Onyenucheya
11 May 2020   |   4:01 am
Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted all sporting activities across the world, Lagos-based Nigerian League One club...

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted all sporting activities across the world, Lagos-based Nigerian League One club, FC Bulmaro has urged government to restructure the country’s sports medicine structure to ensure better reaction to such health risks. The recent global pandemic has exposed the import and strength of the health sector and its influence on every sector of the economy; with sports one of the hardest hit sectors.

Speaking during a teleconference at the weekend, FC Bulmaro’s Spokesperson, Ms. Ekanem Wushishi, said it was time to get the medical structures of the Nigerian sports sector right bearing in mind that recently some footballers had lost their lives on the pitch due to inadequate facilities.

Although she acknowledged the contributions of sports medicine to the advancement of sports, she canvassed for the recognition of the caregivers by that they have the necessary equipment to work with in friendly environments.

She added: “The pandemic demands innovativeness and creativity in the search for solutions to the current health challenge, which is ravaging every area of human concerns across the globe.

“This is the time to think about the future, by putting good and standard health facilities and structures in place. We should not wait until the world is faced with another crisis before we do the right thing. That is why we must do everything to keep safe and stay healthy and always ready.” 

Also speaking during the teleconference, Leslie Oghomienor, who is the promoter of the young club, said humanity could be fully and well uplifted if those in the position of leadership took full responsibility for the effectiveness of their call to service, and selflessly served bearing in mind that history and posterity would surely mark their milestones.  

He said the club was founded to selflessly provide a platform not only for the participants of the Elite 96 Scholarship project of the Barca Academy Nigeria, but to also offer a platform for young talents to freely trade their given talents both locally and internationally.

“We believe that humanity will evolve much faster by giving service, by helping each other, by expressing love, harmony, idealism and order. 

“To achieve the desire goals, we see every stakeholder as important. We celebrate with all the health professionals working with others and us across the world.

“The times is a clarion call for those in authority to engage selfless men that have creative force, vision, and can visualize and build for the future as well as the present,” he said.

He called on the football associations and government to set up a body to look at ways of maximising the opportunities the current global health status has provided to advance the sector. 

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