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Final group fixtures, which teams can still qualify for last 16, how

Italy became the first team to reach the last 16 as they solidified their tag as dark horses with two wins from their opening matches.

Germany’s forward Kai Havertz (C) celebrates scoring his team’s third goal during the UEFA EURO 2020 Group F football match between Portugal and Germany at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on June 19, 2021. (Photo by CHRISTOF STACHE / POOL / AFP)

Italy became the first team to reach the last 16 as they solidified their tag as dark horses with two wins from their opening matches. Anyone who has not been tracking Gli Azzurri’s progress under Roberto Mancini will have taken notice now.

They have been joined in the knockout stages by Belgium, who have made light work of Group B.

The new qualification system means it is (mostly) still all to play for, however, as even third place will be enough to see some teams progress.

The top two teams from each group will go through and they will be joined by the four best third-placed teams. The other two third-placed teams, and of course all the nations who finish fourth, will be eliminated. It is also worth noting that the primary tie-breaker in the groups is head-to-head results before goal difference.

Here is what every nation needs to do to reach the last 16, who they’re playing, and the current standings in each group.

Group A
First: Italy – Points: Six, Goal difference: (+6)
Second: Wales – 4 (+2)
Third: Switzerland – 1 (-3)
Fourth: Turkey – 0 (-5)

Fixtures: Switzerland vs Turkey; Italy vs Wales (20 June)

Italy are already through. They will top the group as long as they earn a point against Wales.

Wales will be in the top two if they draw or win against Italy. If Switzerland drop points against Turkey, Wales will also be guaranteed a place in the top two.

Switzerland will be out if they lose to Turkey. However, they can still make the top two if they win that game and Wales lose.

The best Turkey can hope for is third place, and even then their progress will depend on whether they are among the four best third-placed teams. They need to win against Switzerland to have any chance of that happening.

Group B
First: Belgium – 6 (+4)
Second: Russia – 3 (-2)
Third: Finland – 3 (0)
Fourth: Denmark – 0 (-2)

Fixtures: Russia vs Denmark; Finland vs Belgium (June 21)

Belgium eased through with victories over Russia and Denmark and they now just need a point against Finland to top the group.

Russia‘s fate is in their own hands, progressing if they beat Denmark. They will also be through if Finland don’t beat Belgium.

A victory over Belgium would see Finland through – or if Denmark do them a favour by beating Russia.

Denmark have obviously had more important concerns, but they are still able to finish in the top two by beating Russia if Finland also lose to Belgium – then the standings will be determined by goal difference.

Group C
First: Netherlands – 6 (+3)
Second: Ukraine – 3 (0)
Third: Austria – 3 (0)
Fourth: North Macedonia – 0 (-3)

Fixtures: North Macedonia vs Netherlands; Ukraine vs Austria (June 21)

Netherlands have won both their games so far and they are already through to the last 16 as group winners.

Ukraine will be through in second place as long as they don’t lose to Austria.

Austria need to beat Ukraine in their final game to make the top three.
North Macedonia are already out after losing their first two matches.

Group D
First: Czech Republic – 4 (+2)
Second: England – 4 (+1)
Third: Croatia – 1 (-1)
Fourth: Scotland – 1 (-2)

Fixtures: Croatia vs Scotland; Czech Republic vs England (June 22)

Czech Republic will be group winners with a win or draw against England. If they lose to England, but Scotland beat Croatia, they will still finish second. However, they could still slip down to third with a defeat if Croatia beat Scotland and secure greater goal difference.

England can top the group by beating the Czech Republic, but they’ll be through with a draw OR if Scotland fail to beat Croatia.

They’ll only finish third if they lose and Scotland overtake them on goal difference.

Scotland kept their hopes alive with a point against England and they can still go through, but only if they beat Croatia. It’s still possible for Steve Clarke’s side to qualify in second place ahead of England, but that will depend on goal difference.

Group E
First: Sweden – 4 (+1)
Second: Slovakia – 3 (0)
Third: Spain – 2 (0)
Fourth: Poland – 1 (-1)

Fixtures: Slovakia vs Spain; Sweden vs Poland (June 23)

Sweden will progress as long as they don’t lose to Poland. If they do lose, they could finish as low as third. If Slovakia draw with Spain, “head-to-head” will decide who finishes third.

Slovakia will reach the last 16 with victory over Spain, or with a draw if Sweden also avoid defeat.

Spain have two points already, so they will go through if they beat Slovakia. A draw will see them finish third unless Poland win against Sweden.

After drawing with Spain, Poland will be through if they beat Sweden and the other game doesn’t finish in a draw.

Group F
First: France – 4 (+1)
Second: Germany – 3 (+1)
Third: Portugal – 3 (+1)
Fourth: Hungary – 1 (-3)

Fixtures: Portugal vs France; Germany vs Hungary (June 23)

France will be through if they don’t lose to Portugal, or if Germany only draw with Hungary.

Germany will be through with a win, or if they draw and Portugal don’t beat France. If France drop any points and Germany win, Joachim Low’s side will top the group. Germany can still finish third too, if they lose and France win, or if they only draw but Portugal win.

Portugal can top the group if they win and Germany drop points. A win will see them through, and if they draw they will need Germany to lose. If Hungary and France both win, Portugal will be out.

Hungary make the top two if they win and France beat Portugal. If both Portugal and Hungary win, Hungary can still finish second but it will be decided on goal difference. Even if they win, but Portugal and France draw, they will come third.

• Culled from inews.co.uk.

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