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Forget Arsenal, invest in Nigerian sports


If you are into sports betting, you would know just how much the Nigerian sports industry has been booming in the recent past. The new online live casino innovations mean that you can bet on your favourite sports and games, even from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need a PC for it – all you need is a smart device and a working internet connection.

It’s why investing in Nigerian sports is a really good idea today.

Nigerian born, British former boxer, Peter Oboh, does not beat around the bush when talking about serious matters, he tackles them head-on. He’s as equally brave in a suit as he was in a boxing ring. When meeting with Nigerian millionaire, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Oboh told him to forget about buying Arsenal and invest in Nigerian sports instead.


Peter Oboh, a former athlete himself, feels it’s much better to hone young, sprouting talent than to blow money off on foreign sports teams.

Oboh started out as a martial artist; he has a black belt in Taekwondo which he achieved back in the 1980’s. While attending the Los Angeles Olympics back in the day, Oboh was inspired to be a boxer by Nigerian Olympic boxer, Peter Konyegwachi who won silver at the competitions. He was also inspired by other Nigerian boxers who made it big in their careers by the likes of Innocent Egbunike, and Chidi Imoh, to mention a few.

Oboh stresses that  Konyegwachi was better than an American competitor,  Taylor, who won the gold medal. He says Konyegwachi’s self-doubt hindered him from fighting his best.

In his prime, Oboh says he had no sense of direction and went wherever the wind blew him.

In his career history, Oboh has joined wrestling, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. He was also impressed by a taekwondo festival at the Nigeria national stadium, which had a young Taekwondo boy practitioner break bricks, with his bare hands and Oboh decided to join the sport.

In 1988, Oboh watched a fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman on NTA, and it really moved him that he decided to become a boxer on the spot. But indecisiveness caused Oboh to drift between boxing and taekwondo. He says he knew he had to quit one sport, he quit taekwondo and became a full-time novice boNigeria’s says Nigerian boxing is not good enough because of lack of resources and sponsorships.

He mentioned there are lots of young boxers with the talent, determination and passion for taking on boxing as a career. But the lack of a foundation has resulted in wasted talent.

He also adds that the social conditions are crippled because youngsters want to take shortcuts to fame and success. Oboh says novice athletes need full support to reach their full potential and produce. Oboh also encourages private companies to get involved in sports because it could be a one-way ticket to reviving Nigeria’s economy. He says Dangote should invest in Nigeria’s sports and leave Arsenal to the British.


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