Sunday, 2nd October 2022
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Grange School Lagos gains recognition as champions of World School Games, Dubai 2020

Grange School Lagos has put its name on the global map of sports champions after its team of students emerged overall winners at their first-ever appearance...

Grange School at World School Games, Dubai 2020. Photo: TWITTTER/WSGEVENTS

Grange School Lagos has put its name on the global map of sports champions after its team of students emerged overall winners at their first ever appearance at the prestigious World School Games in Dubai.

Up to 18 schools from around the world and five other international schools from Nigeria competed across three sports categories – athletics, swimming and football – in the 2020 World School Games in Dubai, which is an international competition for schools to showcase the talent, diversity and sportsmanship of school students around the world.

Although novel entrant to the competition, the U-13 team from Grange School Lagos, captained by Jordan Demuren and Toni Ogunlade, exceled across all categories to be crowned champions of the 2020 World School Games. Across all individual and team activities, the team won a cumulative total of 28 medals, and all 24 team members received gold medals as overall winners of the games. They accrued a total of 53.5 points, the highest from any of the participating schools, securing their victory as Champions.

Elated by his student’s victory, Mr. Okechukwu Obi, Director of Activities at Grange School Lagos, expressed his ultimate joy following his team’s victory, “I know how much work and passion these students put into preparing for this competition, this is what makes this victory so heart-warming and inspiring. I am so proud of every single one of them; this victory proves that hardwork and dedication pays, and I know they will carry this victory as a symbol of hope and perseverance throughout their lives.”

“Today’s Champions. Tomorrow’s Leaders,” says the World School Games, and this may yet hold true for the team from Grange School Lagos going by their remarkable victories at the games, including breaking an existing record in the triple jump category, and coming first in the athletics and swimming category, and second in the football category. Some of the team members, including the team’s captain have already indicated strong desires to represent Nigeria in the future.

The team returned home to a resounding welcome from joyous parents, students and staff of the school led by the Head of School, Ms. Abra Stoakley, “When I watched as our team was announced Champions of the World, I was so proud and excited and I thought that my heart would explode. My pride in our team’s outstanding performance also extends to every student in this school whose support and cheer kept the team going and inspired them to victory. This is a victory for us all.”

Grange School Lagos, now in the global spotlight for sports competitions, is inspired by this victory to participate in future editions of the games and hopes to continue in its winning ways. There is increased motivation for other students to join the sports team and consider representing the school in various competitions locally and internationally.