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‘I would love to see it’

Anthony Joshua has admitted he would ‘love to see’ former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson make a comeback.

• Joshua Backs Mike Tyson’s Comeback At 53
Anthony Joshua has admitted he would ‘love to see’ former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson make a comeback.

The 53-year-old has caused quite the stir in the boxing world having recently teased a potential return to the ring.

Tyson’s talk of reviving his boxing career 15 years after his last professional contest – a stoppage defeat against Kevin McBride – has largely divided opinion but Joshua is supportive of him fighting again.

Speaking to British GQ, unified champion Joshua said: ‘If he’s back in the ring, I would love to see it, I would definitely be one of the viewers, that’s for sure.

“No matter what anybody has to say about Mike Tyson now, in terms of what he went through when he was fighting and some of the controversies he went through.

“The guy took himself from his neighbourhood – which wasn’t the prettiest of scenes – up to an amateur champion, youngest heavyweight champion, one of the most recognised faces of the sport of boxing.

“In my opinion the only two faces in boxing that are recognised globally are Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

“So from where he started, to where he is now, he is my ultimate motivation.

“He’s the closest guy to my generation so he holds a special place in my heart.’

Joshua’s comments come as WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman took a similar stance on Tyson’s possible return, even saying that the 53-year-old would be ranked by the governing body if he returns to a professional ring.

Sulaiman told Stats Perform News: ‘Mike Tyson was the youngest to win a world championship. Maybe he will be the oldest! He’s a tremendous, legendary figure. He’s an icon for the sport, an icon for the WBC.

“He could knock out anyone with one punch, at any time! So of course we will support him. I don’t like to speculate. This is a topic we are all entertained by. An exhibition is one thing; if he comes back he has to be licensed and has to go through a thorough process.

“I’m not going to kill the dream. I’m going to be very supportive of Mike Tyson, he deserves it. If the dream is to say “I will be ranked,” I am saying yes, we will rank him.

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