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The age of gaming is catching on: Here is how


Studies reveal at least two members in an average American family are gamers. From simple video games to the advanced virtual reality consoles, the platform of gaming revolutionises in cohesion with technology. Today, you have platforms like Betway coming up. In fact, live sports betting with Betway is more popular than ever before. All you need to do is take a few minutes to get started on Betway.

We are here to take you through the different eras ever since the launch of the first video game system in 1972.


The 1970s
An iconic era, the arcade game of Pong hit the markets and gained instant fame. After a few years in 1977, Atari 2600—the first at-home gaming console releases and two years later its most successful game till date—Asteroids entered the picture. 

The 1970s was enigmatic as two popular arcade games hit the scene, Pong and Space Invaders. These games brought in people of all ages to restaurants and stores that hosted one of these machines. With a pocket full of quarters these gamers would spend as much as $35-$40 on the arcade games every day on each machine. In 1977, bright minds such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak owned one of the 26 billion Atari sets sold by the company, keeping them busy while brainstorming the idea for their multi-billion dollar company—Apple. 

The 1980s
Everyone loves Pac-Man, introduced in 1980 the game took the gaming industry by storm. And another variation of the game that gathered even more followers was Mrs. Pac-Man. 

Following these two classics, two more games followed—Mario and Atari’s Centipede. In one year, Donkey Kong sold 60,000 units of their popular arcade game. The Mario Brothers jumped into the hearts of every teen at the time who owned a Nintendo Gameboy in 1989and later on the Super Nintendo. 


The end of this era marked a major landmark for the gaming industry as it crossed $12 billion in total revenue. 

The 1990s
The year is 1993, after the launch of Super Nintendo and games like Mortal Combat the debate about video game violence and its effect on children sparked. Other than this, Warcraft launched its first game Warcraft: Orc and Humans gathering a huge following.  

Sony released the first Sony PlayStation in 1995 and the sales crossed more than 104,250,000 units thus far. Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution got the arcade gamers to bust a move with its interactive interface. 

The 2000s
A productive age for the gaming industry. The most popular gaming console by Sony, the PlayStation 2 captivated the mind of many gamers in the first half of the decade followed by Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance. The sales reached a record-smashing 157,680,000 units for Sony and 81,510, 000 units for Nintendo’s console to date. In the same year, Microsoft joined the big league with the release of their first Xbox console. However, Sony PlayStation 2 broke all records whereas only 24,650, 000 units of the Xbox console went off the shelf till now. 

The 2010s So Far
The gaming industry may seem like it is struggling with consoles but that is far from the truth. With multiple platforms to choose from the gamers get to pick from PC, Console, Tablet, and Mobile. 

Thousands of games are available now and the number of consoles introduced continues increasing with time. 71 percent of the parents at present believe that playing video games affects their child’s mind in a positive way. 


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