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TheProClub set to train 1,000 Nigerians, others in sports trading


Leading European sports trading company, TheProClub, has announced plans to launch into the sub-Saharan Africa market and create opportunities for sports betting enthusiasts on the continent.

Founded in 2012, TheProClub initially grew their own sports betting syndicate trading on global sports markets. Since then word of mouth has spread about the success of their research techniques and staking plans, which has naturally progressed their operations into the training and development of sports traders.


The company has already trained over 1,100 professional Sports Traders across Europe and now plans to train over 1,000 more over the next 18 months in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries.

When asked as to why Africa, when other regions may seem more appealing, TheProClub CEO Paul Johnson said: “Market liquidity in sports trading is crucial, which is why we had to cap the traders we had in Europe. Our average full-time trader makes between $2,500 and $5,000 per month. If we opened up our training and the market to more traders, say 2,000 people, this would diminish everyone’s earnings – if that makes sense?

“When looking at new markets we had to take into account regulations – which ruled out North America – and language – which ruled out most of Asia and South America – so Africa was the obvious choice. It’s a rapidly growing market for sports betting, and as our traders are in the game of laying in a perverse kind of way, lots of people losing bets is good for us as that’s how our traders make money,” said Johnson, referring to laying, a term that connotes to a bet rather than make one.


“Luckily the population of Africa is much bigger than Europe, so as the betting market grows, we will hopefully be able to accept new traders in 2021 too.”

The betting market in Africa is expected to double in size over the next three years, and with that comes an increase in those who make a living from the industry. It is estimated that only 0.25% of gamblers have the ability to make a living from it, so how does TheProbClub decide who is right for the life of a Trader?


“It isn’t an exact science,” continued Johonson. “Our traders have to be willing to learn. I believe anyone that puts their mind to it can do it. The biggest hurdle of course is knowing where to look for bets and having a viable staking plan.

“That’s where we come in. We know that if you follow our training and procedures you will be successful, so patience and self-discipline is key. Most people who fail to make a living in this industry lack those two key skills.”

The Guardian gathered that anyone interested in applying for a role as a sports trader with TheProClub can visit:

With the Premier League returning this weekend the betting market is set to boom again. Alexa, Amazon’s web traffic ranking index, has noted a 97% drop in traffic to betting websites since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. For some, the return of betting could be the start of a new career.


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