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1+1 = 1 or two becoming one


Ayo Daniels<br />

You are welcome to this column basically intended to help men and women realise their familial potential in God. We believe when we embrace the manufacturer’s manual (God’s Word) and apply ourselves to His principles concerning marriage, we can handle all our family life-related issues better. We begin today with a basic understanding of the true definition of marriage.
Marriage is the union of a man and a woman with a view to building a family. The formalisation of this union involves making the verbal exchange of vows of unconditional commitment to one another in the presence of witnesses with appending signatures. Marriage is God’s original idea, which began the structure on which societies and civilisations are built. Commitment and trust are the key pillars of the marriage institution. Marriage is not just about two people cohabitating but commitment towards God and one other to build stable families. Marriage is the oldest institution in the world with her origin in God (Gen 2:18-25).


Marriage is a covenant relationship between a man, woman and God, the author of marriage, which is binding for life. Marriage is the commitment of two people of the opposite sex to the person of Jesus Christ and to one another without fear of intimidation. Marriage is a pledge of mutual fidelity and submission. Faithfulness and loyalty are the keywords grafted in that submission. Each party see one another as joint-heirs of God’s grace, which empowers their love, honour and submission to God, one another in the marriage. None see either party as inferior to others but treating themselves as joint heirs to the grace of God, contributing to the strength and character of their home ((Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; I John 4:18).

For anyone to enjoy marriage as God intended it, we must be open enough to embrace the biblical model as an essential building block to build stable families in society. Kingdom marriage has a divine blueprint (God Factor), the union of two humans (male and female) and covenant relationship (of till death do us part) Eph. 5:21-31.
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