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A new wave of revival is coming – Part 1



The next few weeks or months, we shall return to the subject of Revival.

Revival has always been one of our greatest interests. For some time now, God has been speaking about visiting the Church in Nigeria in a revival.

Two years ago, we serialised my book titled, The Best Is Yet To Come Pentecostal And Charismatic Revivals In Nigeria From 1914 To 1990, so as to give us a preview of all the revivals that have taken place in Nigeria since the turn of the 20th century.


In that book, we also predicted that another wave of revival is on its way.

Since the past two years or more, the promise of an impending revival has re-echoed louder, especially through tested prophetic voices beyond the shores of Nigeria. We believe that we should not ignore these prophetic voices. ‬

Before his death, the late Kenneth E. Hagin predicted the magnitude of the coming revival; it was his view that it would be by far greater than the previous revivals. He was convinced that it would be twice as high as the previous ones put together.
“We have seen the wave called the healing revival. We have seen the wave called the Charismatic Movement. We have seen the wave of faith and the teaching of God’s word. But now another wave is coming. It is the wave of the Holy Ghost! Oh yes, we have seen the power of the Holy Ghost in a limited fashion, but a wave is coming that will bring His power on a higher level and in a far greater measure than we have ever seen … I am convinced that the wave that is coming will be twice as high as the healing wave, the Charismatic wave, or the faith wave. In fact, it will be twice as high as all of them put together. I believe it is going to be the wave that sweeps us right into the shores of the Glory World.”11

On September 29, 2011, Rick Joyner also released a prophecy about the pending revival. In his words: “We are coming to the most exciting times in history, but this is also a warning.


If we are not prepared for what is coming, we will be victims of it. This coming worldwide revival will also be one of the biggest challenges ever.

Moves of God are often referred to as waves in history because a wave is an accurate metaphor.

For a surfer, there are few things as thrilling as catching “the big one.” However, if you’re casually strolling in the surf and the big one catches you by surprise, you will likely eat a lot of sand and drink a lot of salt water.

Revivals can do the same thing to churches and ministries that are not prepared for them.

Riding a wave is not possible unless you are positioned right to catch it. To catch a wave, you must discern where it is going to break.

Then you must position yourself in the right place. Then you have to begin moving in the right direction when it comes.

Though it may seem that everything is quiet right now, we need to be getting prepared for what is coming by getting into position and be ready to move in the right direction as it comes.

The most important thing that we can do to get in the right position is to recover and strengthen our first love — Jesus.”
Follow us next week for more prophecies and comments.  


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