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A Prayer For Muhammadu Buhari

By Francis Ejiroghene Waive
24 May 2015   |   3:36 am
ALMIGHTY God, we thank you for our President-elect, General Mohammadu Buhari. We thank you for your hand upon his life and the assignment that you have given to him for our country Nigeria.


ALMIGHTY God, we thank you for our President-elect, General Mohammadu Buhari. We thank you for your hand upon his life and the assignment that you have given to him for our country Nigeria.

We commit him into your hands and ask that you bless him with good health and strength for the work that he has ahead of him. We pray that you grant him courage and clarity of thought.

We pray that you bless him with long life and disappoint all those who hope and pray for his death. We desire that he outlive his enemies and complete two terms in office, as this is good for the stability of our country.

We don’t want any crisis and invocation of the so-called doctrine of necessity.

The rotation of the presidency between the North and the South is something we desire to happen without any rancour.

You taught us to work for peace and this is what we do as we pray for General Buhari. We pray for peace in our country Nigeria. We pray that throughout Buhari’s presidency, he will lead the country in such a way that every Nigerian will have a sense of belonging and that no single part of the nation will feel alienated, cheated or discriminated against.

We pray that he will be President of all of Nigeria. May those sections of the country that didn’t vote for him not suffer any consequence. Please Lord, use him to deepen democracy in our country by the way and manner he governs.

He has promised us a war against corruption. It is our desire that he succeeds with this assignment, as we all recognize that corruption is the major problem with our country. Grant him courage and wisdom to fight this to a logical conclusion, such that at the end of his tenure, it will be unmistakably clear that this is one of his major achievements.

Please Lord, do not allow those who have known him previously, those who may have helped him to win the elections and those who have held this country to ransom succeed in derailing him. We know that the corrupt are many and powerful in our nation but we also know that nothing is impossible with you.

May General Buhari not become a hostage to the forces that make petroleum products scarce and uninterrupted power supply impossible in our land. May he solve the problem of fuel scarcity and electricity permanently. May his government not be taken over by any cabal. May he not become a shadow figure with a strong man from behind dictating the pace.

May he fight corruption in such a way that he builds systems that can’t be bye-passed or circumvented by criminals even after his tenure. May his war against corruption not be a mere rhetoric and or tool for political oppression like we saw in the past.

We pray Lord that his government will maintain the secular status of our country and not promote religious divide or worse still attempt to make any religion the official religion of the nation. What we see in the news as regards religious wars scares us. May our president not promote publicly or privately, by word or action any religion above the other. We pray for peaceful relationship among adherents of the different faiths throughout his tenure.

Heavenly father, you know all things. We ask that the culture of impunity become a thing of the past in our country. We desire a nation where the rule of law is supreme. May General Buhari be a respecter of the law and a good example for all to follow. May he be an instrument of justice that will not pervert the truth because of any interest. May his example pervade the land such that even the common man among us will become law abiding.

Nigerians have enjoyed freedom since the advent of civilian rule. We pray that we don’t lose this under General Buhari. We pray that you touch him in such a way that he will allow everyone to have his say in the country. May he be tolerant of the views of others. May he be civil in his conduct and speeches. May he be true to his campaign promises. Help him not to renege on the covenant he made with Nigerians at the polls. Help him Lord not to change along the line to satisfy self or just a section or group of Nigerians.

Lord we pray that General Buhari build on the achievements of past governments and not destroy everything and begin again to re-invent the wheel. Help him not to waste time and resources criticizing the past, as we are no longer facing an election until the next four years. But he must solve problems that have lingered. Help him to immediately go to work as he is sworn in. Nigerians can’t wait for good governance.

May the economy do well under his presidency. Help him to implement such policies that our country will prosper and may this prosperity be felt by the common man. May every sector feel the impact of his governance. During his tenure, may the number of Nigerians seeking quality education and health care abroad drop drastically, not because of any law but because of better services at home. May agriculture thrive and food be locally produced and available. May our roads and rail networks be in excellent condition.

Lord we thank you for the Spartan life style that General Buhari has lived. It is one example that all of us Nigerians respect him for. We pray that he will not change from this path and that those he brings into government will follow suit.

Otherwise the common people will suspect that cronies are keeping his loot for him and that his family secretly enjoys this. We pray that his government will exemplify the fact that primitive accumulation is unnecessary.

May General Buhari eventually leave Nigeria better than he met it. May he end his government with a better name than he is now entering into it. May he lead Nigeria in the paths of peace, unity, progress and development.

God bless Nigeria.

Waive is the General Overseer, Fresh Anointing Missionary Ministries Inc