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Arrow of darkness



An arrow is an injurious weapon that has the capacity to cause damage or death to an individual.

Spiritual arrows are invisible attack from the powers of darkness to cause harm or untimely death in their victims.

There are different types of arrow of darkness the enemy can fire at his victim. There is the arrow of death as seen in 2 kings 4:18-22.


The boy here had no symptoms of sickness or infirmity, but suddenly he cried out because of the arrow fired into his head and he eventually died. Many people have been killed through this arrow of death.

Some years ago, I went to a university for a crusade. While I was preaching I discovered I went blank and I began to feel pain and tightness on my chest.

As I was praying, the lord revealed to me the person responsible for the attack, so through the gift of speaking in tongues I opened my arsenal and released my missile on him.

Eventually, the Holy Spirit arrested him, right there he confessed. He confessed also to killing about four (4) other preachers.

There is the arrow of affliction; when this arrow is fired it will result in various ailment and oppression. Such sickness most times defiles medication.

A sister had a dream one night, she was injected and someone told her in the dream “we have infected you with HIV”.

By the time she woke up, she saw physical stain of blood on her arm. She became very sick days after, only for the laboratory test to show she was HIV positive.


Surprisingly, her husband was negative. In our healing service, a word of knowledge came concerning her issue. The following week, her HIV status changed to negative. It was an arrow of sickness that was fired into her.

Mark 25:25-30 tells us the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Her case was as a result of arrows of affliction fired at her.

The bible says for 12 years she was losing blood every day. She had spent all her earnings on physicians, but she was never healed. I am sure the physicians would have been confused.

When the arrow of affliction is fired into a man’s life, the doctors would not be able to solve the problem.

Eventually she touched the garment of Jesus Christ and was instantly healed of her sickness.

Have you spent so much money on your health, yet there is no change? It could be that an arrow of affliction is inside your body. Also, there is the arrow of confusion.

This arrow is capable of separating friends. In Acts 15:36-41, after Paul and Barnabas had gone to preach the word, when it was time to travel, there was confusion in their midst. Barnabas was determined to take John whose surname was Mark.

Paul thought it was not a good idea to take him. This commotion was not ordinary, it was an arrow of confusion released in their midst.


Eventually Barnabas went with John to Cyprus while Paul went with Silas to Syria and Cilicia.

Both Paul and Barnabas worked together closely before the incident but the arrow of division separated them. This kind of arrow causes division in marriage.

Husband and wife that use to be united and love each other can just discover suddenly they are fighting each other.

Whenever commotions become so sharp in the home, it is possible that an arrow of confusion is in operation. A mother-in-law confessed that she took the picture of her son and daughter–in-law to a native doctor.

Incantation was made and the picture was placed back to back. The evil enchantment was “as long as the picture is backing each other, so also will they not see each other face to face”.

That was how this loving couple started fighting. It was when they came to our program for deliverance that the mother-in-law confessed. Eventually the peace was restored in the home.

Any arrow fired from the shrine or evil altar to cause commotion in your home or family members in the name of Jesus, it will return back to the sender.

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