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Avoid adultery – Part 2


Text: 2 Samuel 11:2-17
The story of King David, the greatest king ever to reign in Israel is incisive, because there are many lessons to learn from him:
• Any man, no matter how anointed, can fall into adultery, if careless!
• When temptation meets opportunity, sin is inevitable. Therefore, never allow yourself to be in a compromising situation.

If after seeing the nakedness of Bathsheba, David turned away his eyes, he wouldn’t have sinned!
• David was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His mates were at war fighting, but he decided to remain at home. If you decide to relax your guard and assume you’re immune from falling, you’re just deceiving yourself.
• Just one act of adultery led to many other sins – When Bathsheba became pregnant, he tried to conceal his sin.
• He tried deception.
• He got Urriah (Bathsheba’s husband) drunk.
• He arranged for Urriah to be killed.


1. After committing adultery, the judgment of God fell upon him
• The son conceived out of adultery died.
• His first son Amnon raped his half sister Tamar – Incest.
• Absalom (Tamar’s brother) killed Amnon for defiling Tamar – Murder.
• Absalom slept with David’s wife in the open, although he did his own in the secret.
• Absalom led a revolt against him and succeeded in winning David’s adviser (Ahithophel) to himself.
• He became a fugitive again, running this time from his son.
• Adultery is a three-fold sin – it’s a sin against God, your fellow man and against your soul.
• David took Urriah’s wife and almost lost his throne.

How to avoid adultery – the story of Joseph (Genesis 39:7-13)
Joseph in the house of Potiphar was highly favoured and privileged. He could have fallen for the advances of Mrs. Potiphar, but he didn’t. Why?
• Joseph recognised that it was a trial of his destiny.
• He knew there’s nothing hidden that wouldn’t come to light.
• He couldn’t sin against God and his master, who trusted him with everything.
• He was a person of integrity. He wouldn’t touch what wasn’t his.
• He ran for his life. This wasn’t the time for discussions or prayers. It was the time to flee.
• He chose to be falsely accused rather than sin.
• If Joseph had consented, he would never have gone to prison and would never have become the Prime Minister of Egypt.


The Bible clearly shows in Proverbs 6:23 – 7:27, that anyone who commits adultery is a fool who lacks understanding and will not be innocent. The adulterer is like an ox, which goes to the slaughter or a bird that hastens into a snare. The way of adultery leads to hell and the chambers of death.

Proverbs 5:15 admonishes that we should drink water from our own cistern. In other words, every married couple must find ways to make their sexual life healthy and a delight. If you’re finding it difficult to meet your marital obligation for any reason, seek help and don’t allow the devil take advantage of the situation.

For the middle-aged man, there’s the need to take supplement to boost sexual health. For the woman, always ensure you take good café of yourself, so your husband would have no need to look elsewhere. Remember that God created sex for the pleasure of the husband and his wife! Be blessed!

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