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Rev Pastor Ejim

Text: Jonah 1:1-6

Key Verse: Ephesians 5:14, “Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light” (KJV)

When God tells us to awake, it means we are spiritually asleep. Spiritual awakening is the need of the hour. A church with a leadership that has missed the way is a church that is asleep and needs to awake. You are asleep when you are dead in transgressions and sins. It’s high time you wake up from your spiritual slumber and deep sleep of your soul.


Whenever someone is asleep, he is no longer conscious of what is happening around him and he is good as dead. Suddenly, such a person gets spiritually disconnected from the things of God; He’s no longer studying his Bible, giving time to prayer, attending Bible Study class and prayer meeting and going out for personal evangelism. Some people are not aware of the spiritual things going on around them and that could be very disastrous. When you tell someone to “awake”, it means that the person has a very poor spiritual perception of things happening around him.

This is the finest hour of the church as spoken by Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah Chapter 2 but how can people run to Zion for different kinds of solutions to the world’s problems when the church is asleep. The church, the body of Christ needs to awake because the church has been sick and even from the head. Some of our church leaders at the head of churches are sick. We have come to know to our shame, that a person can be a church leader without knowing God and that a person can claim to be a man of God but a hypocrite. We must awake both as an individual and as a church unto righteousness.

Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to awake. If you want to wake them up, they may not want to wake up because they are enjoying sleep. There are people who enjoy the spiritual sleep and stupor into which they have entered. They have lost focus completely of spiritual things but they perform all ceremonies of religion better than most of us. It is not performing ceremonies of religion that makes you a Christian, like they say; the hood does not make the monk.


Some People have become accustomed to remaining in spiritual sleep and they don’t want anybody to wake them. Some people live in adultery and they have become accustomed to it? How do we know? We can’t know until something happens. We only know the things that God reveals to us and cannot know the things that God did not reveal to us.

Don’t take things for granted in any gathering, things are happening everywhere and few are finding the way to life. This is the spiritual realities of the times we are living in and don’t be worried about all the noise people are making in the churches. People have lost their spiritual weight. What is the state of your spiritual life? You must awake from your spiritual sleep, you have slept enough.

People who are lost in spiritual sleep are no longer interested in facing the realities of their situation. When a man is sick and refused to accept that he is sick, there is no hope of healing. When people are in condition of permanent sleep, their condition is good as dead.

As we remember the resurrection of Jesus in this season of Easter, my prayer is that you will die to your old nature of sin and arise into a newness of life in Christ. My prayer is that you will not be spiritually dead to the extent that you will no longer relate with spiritual things.

Today’s Nugget: Spiritual awakening is the need of the hour
Prayer: Lord, help me to awake unto righteousness
Prayer lines: 09078154261.
Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, Ag.General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.


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