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Battle for the vehicle of destiny – Part 3

By John Okene
19 June 2022   |   4:00 am
When the disciples of Jesus were faced with storm on the sea, it was meant to cause their boat to capsize, to discourage them from their journey or at worse totally destroy or vandalise the boat.


When the disciples of Jesus were faced with storm on the sea, it was meant to cause their boat to capsize, to discourage them from their journey or at worse totally destroy or vandalise the boat. Another way, therefore, that the enemy can attack a man’s vehicle of destiny is by vandalising it. This could be done by removing the essential part, for instance, Daniel, who had the gift of revelation, which was the vehicle that moved him to the place of relevance in Babylon. If this gift was taken from him and he lost his vision how could he have arrived at his destiny. May every attack against your vehicle of destiny be met with frustration in Jesus name. Again, the enemy can divert the vehicle of destiny of a man by making him to go in the wrong direction.

Some people have diverted from their main purpose to pursue something else in life. If you are primarily called to be a renowned preacher of the undiluted word of God and you deviate into gospel music, you may do quite well in singing with much effort but you will find yourself struggling to get to the place of relevance. You may yet never arrive at your place of destiny because your vehicle has been diverted. Your journey to destiny will be smoother, easier and faster if you are on the right track. If this explains your situation today, may God help you to retrace your steps in the right direction in Jesus name.

It is important for us to understand how the devil achieves his agenda against one’s vehicle of destiny. First of all, he can use household enemies. Micah 7:6 says, “A man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” In Genesis 37:17-20, Joseph had a dream, which was meant to take him to his pace of destiny but when his brothers heard the dream, they connived against him to stop him. Be careful who you share your dreams with because they can do anything to frustrate it. They are closer to you than you imagine in your marriage, business, job and even ministry. Another agent of the devil is family strongman; these are principalities and powers. They are like the king Uzziah who put everyone on hold or in a particular pattern to follow. They take hold of the steering of every member of that family and control it to a wrong direction. This explains why you see in some families, no one is able to achieve greatness in life. They all die unfulfilled after years of toiling and struggling. Matthew 12:29 says, “you cannot enter the house of a strongman and carry his goods without first binding him.” If you must make progress in such a family, then you must be ready to deal with the family strongman. Isaiah, for many years could not move forward in his ministry until king Uzziah died. That was when he saw the glory of God. May God expose and disgrace every family strongman that is attacking your vehicle of destiny in Jesus name. The devil can also use wrong association to attack your vehicle of destiny. You must be careful who you associate with because some can cause you to be stagnated or even die untimely.

In 2 Sam. 13:3-28, Amnon, the son of David had a friend called Jonadab who was crafty in nature and encouraged him to sleep with his half-sister, Tamar. When Absalom, the brother of Tamar heard of it, he never forgave him until he killed him two years after. Some people have lost their marriages, jobs and businesses because of friends. Wrong association can truncate the vehicle of your destiny.

Lastly, the devil can use curses to truncate your vehicle as in the case of Reuben in Genesis 49:3-4 and 1Chron. 5:1. The birthright was taken from him and the one ordained to be first became last. This is an error according to Eccl. 10:5,7. Curses can cause you to trek to your destiny instead of cruising in your vehicle. I decree to you, no more trekking, Jesus is taking over your vehicle of destiny today, as you surrender your life to Jesus now!

• Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
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