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Battles against life struggles



Text: Gen. 27:40

Life is full of struggles. It is common to find people struggling over virtually everything they do.

Men struggle to go to school or to acquire a skill. There is the struggle to get a job, get married, have children and even to meet basic family needs.


The list is endless but the good news spelt in 1 Peter 6:10 says the struggle is only for a while.

From our text, Esau’s struggle was a result of the prophetic word issued from his father. He was made to serve his younger brother until the day he would have his dominion and the yoke would be broken (Isaiah 10:27).

If your case is as Esau’s, you will have victory over life’s struggles in Jesus name.

Other people who have battled with life struggles are Naphtali, Deut 33:23.

The name means “struggles” but Moses made a prophetic declaration that brought favour, which swallowed up his years of struggles.

May the favour that converts labour to fortune put an end to every struggle in your life in Jesus name. Another person that battled with struggles was Peter in Luke 5:1-10.

He struggled throughout the night until he had a divine encounter. At a point in his life, he struggled to serve God and even the devil desired to sift him as wheat, but a word from the Lord put an end to it all. May you encounter the word that will settle you this season in Jesus name.


Again, in Esther 2:15-17, we see the story of a young girl who was exposed to struggles at childhood. She lost both parents and everything they ever worked for in a war.

She was raised by her guardian in a foreign land, where God’s favour brought her to limelight. May the search light of God focus on you and terminate all your struggles in Jesus name.

Certain things could be responsible for struggles in life. Some of these includes: a curse: This could be placed on a person by someone who has authority over him. It could be a satanic priest, a pastor over your life or your parents. It was a curse that made Rueben struggle in life (Gen. 49:3-4).

Another cause is Disobedience: Jacob got the prophecy that he would be great, but instead of waiting for the appropriate time, he tried to use fraudulent means to accomplish God’s plan in his life.

This caused so many struggles in his life as he got his pay back under the service of his uncle Laban. When he cried out to God, eventually he was delivered.

The third cause is Evil foundation: This referred to struggles handed over to you by your father.

Many today are battling with powers of the father’s house and so struggle financially, spiritually, and even with their health. Finally, your struggles could be as a result of what follows you.


Some people are carrying excess luggage in the form of a personality. Abraham carried Lot with him and the Mariners who carried Jonah (Jonah 1:5) never got to a moment of rest until they were separated from him.

In order to win the battle against struggles, never go through an unpleasant circumstance with a victim mindset, but as a student because there is always a lesson God wants you to learn.

It is not for you to sit in self-pity and ask “why me?” you must never give up because help is on the way. You shouldn’t get angry or bitter or transfer your aggression to someone else. Rather, turn your struggles to God in prayers.

The first thing you need to terminate struggles in your life is “A prophetic word”. Moses said to Naphtali “be satisfied with favour” and Jesus said to Peter “launch into the deep”.

A prophetic word backed with authority can reverse the irreversible in your life.

Another thing is Warfare, as seen in the case of Jacob. He had to wrestle with God (Gen. 32:24) before he could enter his rest. Others are Sacrifice etc.

I decree that anything following you and bringing struggles to you will be separated by fire!
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