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Battles against night attackers – Part 2


Another set of night attackers are the Spirit spouses. They come in the night to sexually harass their victims while they are asleep. Sometimes, the victim might be conscious, unconscious or semi conscious of their presence, when being molested. Also, the spirit spouse can use a particular face or different faces to attack its victim. When you wake up to find your body wet or your night wears taken, then these powers have a point of contact connecting you to them in the spirit realm. Whatever is connecting you to them is broken and you are released now in the name of Jesus!

Again, there are the Necromancers: These are the ones who consult, summon or send the dead on assignments. In Deuteronomy 18:10-11, God commands us not to consult wizards and necromancers, as it is an abomination. If you see a skeleton or someone covering you with a dark cloth in the dream, it is a sign of the ministry of the necromancers, and it could be that they are planning death for you. May the death they plan for you backfire now in Jesus name.

There are also the Demonic barbers, whose sole duty is to shave their victims’ hair from any part of the body. A woman was once brought to me for prayers because her pubic hair was being shaved mysteriously every month. These are the demonic barbers in operation. Also, if you dream and always see yourself in a salon or your hair being barbed, you need prayers. Sometimes, when the demonic barbers cut your hair and it does not manifest physically, it means that they have taken your blood, and if you are a married woman, your husband is about to be attacked.

These night attackers could also manifest in the form of Night nurses, midwives and doctors: When you’re asleep, they come to operate on you. I know of a brother who woke up to discover that he had been operated on and two of his teeth had been removed. Unknown to him, his girlfriend was a witch. They can give you injections, drugs or operate on you, even when you’re not sick.

The night attackers could manifest in the form of Demonic caterers: When an enemy gives you food to eat, it is poison. They can feed you, even when you’re fasting. A sister once recounted that whenever she was fed in the dream, her stomach swells up physically, until the power of God hit her and that was the end of that nonsense. Sometimes, you are the one cooking the food and asking others to eat in the dream. Night attackers also come in the form of Spiritual robbers: They come to steal from you especially in the dream. They can steal the glory of a man. Whatever they stole from you is restored in Jesus name.

Another form the night attackers’ manifest is appearing as Masquerades of darkness. They pursue and flog you in the dream. These are ancestral powers. When you are being pursued like that, you’re being given a vagabond anointing, which causes unsettlement in your life. When you’re about to make progress, you end up making a mistake that will cost you everything you have laboured for.

The night attacker act as Night summoners: They could summon the spirit of a man out of his body. When they call your name, your spirit appears and they do what they want to do. Whoever is standing before a shrine, evil altar or graveside and summoning your spirit to appear, may they answer their own summon in Jesus name.

It is good that you learn how to pray in the midnight. Night attackers exchange destinies and close the gates of opportunities against people in the night, when men are asleep, as seen in Judges 16:1-3. They also cause sickness and kill people. I prophesy, every door closed against you in the night, may they open now in Jesus name.

The following are ways to deal with the night attackers. First, you must give your life to Christ, then run away from sin. Nothing gives these attackers power more than sin. Your degree of deliverance depends on your degree of holiness. Whatever part of your life is not dedicated to God is dedicated to the devil. Lastly, engage the enemy in battle through warfare prayers.

Prayer Points
Father! Every pot or kitchen where they used to cook for me in the dream, catch fire!
My Father!!! Every masquerade assigned to my dream, I set you ablaze.
My Father!!! Whoever that has plotted my death, die in my place now.
Father! Every market of darkness assigned against my destiny, in the name of Jesus, catch fire!
Father! Any power behind the continuous affliction in my life, oh ye powers, I command you, expire!
Powers from my father’s house resisting my breakthrough, receive fire! Prayerline: +2348135952623; Email:

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