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Better marital intimacy in 2020


Happy New Year to all my friends and readers, and I pray that 2020 shall be a year of SUPERNATURAL UPLIFTING for you and your family.

One way I believe your marriage can be better and more rewarding is by deliberately working towards better intimacy between you and your spouse. This is because over time, the tendency for couples to ‘drift apart’ is always there, and the attack on marriages from Satan is aimed at tearing marriages apart. The dictionary defines intimacy as the state of having a close and personal relationship with someone. Of all human relationships, that of the husband and the wife is meant by God to be the closest.

How To Achieve Better Intimacy
Having a personal relationship with God. I have discovered from the Bible and personal experience that without a personal relationship with God, it’s difficult to forge any meaningful and enduring relationship. Your relationship with God helps you to be at peace with all men and to love your spouse, as you ought to. Therefore, the foundation for a better and closer walk with your spouse in 2020 is having a closer walk with God.

Worshipping God together. I have noticed that many families are torn apart, when the husband attends a particular church, while the wife and children attend another church. This creates opportunities for different opinions on doctrinal issues, which if not handled with maturity, splits the family. Also, studying the Bible and praying together can help couples bridge such doctrinal gaps.

Spending quality time with your spouse. I strongly recommend that couples should create at least one day in a month for them to leave everything behind (children, work, business etc.) and just go somewhere, where they can be alone with each other. Such an outing will enable couples talk about a lot of things, including their marriage and family in a relaxed atmosphere. Such a date should be marked out in your calendar and should be kept sacred every month.

Sexual Intimacy. This is one area where many couples struggle, especially at middle age, when the demands of children and financial obligations are the highest. Also, many men at this age suffer from low libido and this affects their ability to fulfil their marital obligations to their wives. I counsel that couples find a way to rekindle the sparks in their marriage. If you’re having problems in this area, seek help.

Transparency. Another way I believe better intimacy can be forged in 2020 is for couples to carry each other along in all they do. I know of a woman, whose husband had a big business, but wouldn’t allow the wife to have anything to do with it. When he suddenly died, the wife had no clue of how to run the husband’s business, so his younger brother took over and eventually edged out the wife and children from the business. This could’ve been avoided, if the man had carried her along. Be open about your finances, business dealings, friendships, health status, investments, properties and receivables.

As you work towards better intimacy this year, you’ll discover that things will get easier, and there’ll be less tension in the home, because God will breathe favour upon any home that is united. This is God’s desire for you in 2020.
Be blessed.
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