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Breaking evil dedication – Part 2



Text: 1 Samuel 1:28
Another fact about dedication is that properties can be dedicated. That is why we must be careful what we buy and bring to the house. As seen in Joshua 16:17 and Deut. 7:26, anything that is accursed in this content could mean something dedicated to an idol. Immediately, you take it to your house, you become accursed meaning curse now begins to operate in your life.

Deut 13:17 makes it clear that we should run away from anything that is cursed. Achan took the things that were dedicated to God (Joshua 7) home for personal use and they became accursed things in his home. His entire household and everyone related to him were stoned to death. During one of our deliverance sessions, while praying for a sister, the demon kept saying he won’t come out of her that she has his property. After a while, we asked the sister which of the accursed property is in her possession, she said none. We continued praying and suddenly the Lord told me to tell the sister to remove the necklace she was wearing, which she did. We examined the necklace and saw an inscription of a little serpent at the back of the pendant. She dropped the necklace on the floor and prayer continued, the demon said he would leave because his property is no longer on her and he left her. After the prayer sessions, when interrogated she said the necklace was given to her by one of her friends. It’s not every gift you receive that you must make use of; some gifts can be dedicated in a satanic kingdom before given to you. Also you are not meant to buy everything you see in the market that appeals to you.


For instance, a man bought an artifact and brought it home. The arrival of the artifact brought problems to him. He started having series of problems, while recovering from one, he is entering into another one. This made the whole family to embark on a sequential prayer spree and they prayed daily. One day, while praying they heard something exploded in the sitting room, they ran to check it out only to find the artifact shattered to pieces on the floor and that marked the end of their problem. They never knew that what they bought was dedicated to a deity.

Again, for every evil dedication there is spiritual transaction in which the person involved is lent to the deity. Anything dedicated to a deity is taken completely by it. The deity will pursue that person to ensure he/she goes back to serve it. To some, if they don’t serve the deity, it will cause problems for them and even go as far as frustrating them in life. Also, whether the person is ignorant or not, the deity will ensure the terms of the covenants are kept to the latter. Your ignorance of the covenant does not prevent the spirits from taking over. Some parents dedicated their child/children to an idol in a bid to get the idol to protect them. That is why certain persons do see some things like animals, birds, objects, beasts following them wherever they go. Those things acting as their protector will eventually end up destroying them.

Prayer Points
• I break every inherited covenant I entered consciously or unconsciously in Jesus name.
• Every covenant entered by my ancestors that is hindering my future, in the name of Jesus, break!
• I break every soul tie covenant and link to any demonic person in Jesus name.
• Every evil covenant connecting me to the idol of my father’s/mother’s house, in the name of Jesus, break!
• Every strongman supervising evil covenants in my life, in the name of Jesus, die!

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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