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Breaking evil dedication – Part I



Dedication is a covenant between a deity and either a person, place or thing. Dedication also means to devote something to the worship of a spirit or an idol. It also means to set something aside to a deity for a specific purpose.

In Daniel chapter 5, some golden vessels were set aside for God. King Belshazzar used the golden vessels set aside for God to drink wine during his party. God was angry with him and that led to the end of his reign.

As children of God, we must be careful with the things of God, anything that has been set aside for God in your place of worship should not be played with and don’t allow your children to toil with it. If you take things from the house of God to your house for use, you are incurring a curse upon your life.


From our text, we see an example of someone that was dedicated to God. There are two types of dedication and they are Godly and Evil or Satanic dedication. In the place of evil dedication, demons are established and released. Anytime anything is dedicated to a deity, demons are there to supervise and secure it. That is why people suffer the consequences of taking or using something that has been dedicated to demons. This thing could come in the form of a gift or something you bought for use. As long as that thing is in your house, demons have been invited to the house.

Any dedication to a deity, spirit or power other than God is an evil dedication. Any parent or grandparents who served Satan or demon usually dedicate their children to the deity hence demon spirits are assigned to ensure the children remain in their custody. Also, oaths taken by occultic members contain statement, which dedicates their offspring to demons. (Deut 30:15-19). A man can stand on behalf of every member of his family and dedicate the entire family or unborn generations to either God or Satan. Such dedication will be honoured and can only be rendered null and void if someone from the family breaks out and raise a new godly dedication on behalf of himself and family members.

In the case of Joshua, he dedicated himself and entire household to God. (Josh 24:15). Some families have dedicated their lives and entire generation to the worship of idol or gods like igbe, Sango, olokun, ogbejugbele, etc., thereby enforcing the stronghold and rulership of evil spirits in the family.


The following are some facts about dedication. A man (human being) can be dedicated, as seen in the case of Samson. Also, a house can be dedicated. When a house is dedicated to Satan, automatically demons take over and have their domain there. When this happens, it becomes almost impossible for people that live in that house to make progress in life. It becomes a haunted house.

A brother who was brought to me for prayers never knew the land he bought once had a shrine built on it and human skulls were buried there. He developed the land and moved in with his family. One day, they woke up to see bloodstains everywhere in the house. The next day after that encounter, his daughter fell sick and was admitted to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she was having a shortage of blood. Blood was transfused to her and the more they transfused blood to her, the more the shortage suffered and eventually, she died.

After a while, his son fell sick and had shortage of blood too. They started running round to salvage the situation. In that chaotic state, a sister brought them to me for prayers. While praying for them, God opened my eyes and I saw a pot buried in the compound where he lives. I prayed and destroyed it, after the prayer the boy became sound and that was the end of the calamity in that home.

I pray for you every problem you are struggling with today as a result of an evil dedication, expires in Jesus’s name and that dedication is broken by fire!

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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