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Breaking evil family patterns


James O. James

The adage “Like father like son” or “like mother like daughter” means that the child resembles the parent either in appearance, mannerism, interests, decisions or actions. Therefore, what happens to the father also happens to the son.Evil family Pattern is when you start to notice some evil things happening in your family lineage in a repetitive way e.g. hypertension, early death, rise and fall, failed marriages and so on.

I used to know this sister, who was experiencing delay in marriage. She had prayed and done deliverance but things were just static. When I talked with her, she told me that she knew why her case was like that. She confessed that in her family, nobody does white wedding. All the women get pregnant and move into their husband’s houses and after having one or two kids, they then go for the traditional wedding. This happened to her mum, aunts and three elder sisters. Since she was determined to wed in church, she knew why the devil was fighting her. She eventually got married in church, but not before a battle that involved intensive fasting and prayers.

The devil that fought your father or mother will one day fight you. These demons (ancestral powers) do not respect anyone and show no regard for titles. So, whether you are a Pastor or Bishop does not matter to them, because this pattern is entrenched in the family and they are there to enforce it.

There are over 40 different evil family patterns and in the life of Abraham, we see 4 clear evil family patterns
• Delay in child bearing. His son Isaac also experienced the same thing. Jacob and Rachel did not have a child on time as well.
• Abraham had to move to a foreign land in order to succeed. Isaac also succeeded in Gerar. Jacob had to flee to Laban before he too could succeed and Joseph the great grandson had to leave Canaan to Egypt to succeed.
• Abraham deceived Abimelech. Isaac also deceived Abimelech. Jacob deceived Isaac; Laban the uncle of Jacob deceived him.
• Abraham’s first son Ishmael was rejected; Isaac’s first-born Esua was rejected; Jacob’s first son Reuben was rejected. When Joseph brought his sons to Jacob, Jacob said the elder would serve the younger.

In some families it is:
• A pattern of early death
• Inherited diseases
• No marriage or late marriage
• Spirit of polygamy
• Rise and fall
• Women feeding their husbands
• Poverty
• Failure at the edge of breakthrough
• First or last born problems
• Parents that never enjoy the fruit of their labour for their children

Solution: Dealing with evil family patterns will be your longest, hardest and toughest battle in life because it is the battle of the blood.
• Give your life to Jesus and be serious; stop playing games.
• Sit down and look at your family, uncles, aunties, cousins etc; what happened to them? Ask relevant questions and don’t assume that anything is a coincidence.
• Look at your life – what seeds are you sowing for your children. By the life you are living right now, you are creating a pattern for posterity.
• Pray and fast – break curses and covenants which enforce these evil patterns.

Prayer points
• Any power that wants me to suffer what my parents/grand-parents suffered, let that power die
• Any power that pursued my father/mother and is now pursuing me must die
• refuse to reap any evil seed that my parents and ancestors have sown in Jesus name
• Every bitter water, flowing into my life from my family; dry up by fire.
• Power enforcing evil family patterns in my life must die in Jesus name.
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