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Breaking invisible barriers


James O. James

Text: 2 Kings 7:1-2
As we begin this New Year, many prophecies have been released but no matter how anointed a man of God is or how potent his message there are some invisible barriers that must be broken for any prophecy to manifest. Paul writing to Timothy in 1 Tim 1:18 told him “This Charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou mightiest war a good warfare.” Prophecy do fail sometimes not because God is a liar or he cannot bring his word to pass but because we fail to activate the prophecy unto fulfilment. The first barrier to break is unbelief! In today’s passage, Israel was besieged, completely locked in and ravished by famine. It got so bad that people were killing their children for food. It is like what is happening right now where inflation is high, cost of goods rising by the day and people losing their jobs or their businesses because of the recession. The man of God, Elisha prophesied that Israel’s condition will change overnight with so much abundance that the cost of goods will crash and everything will become cheap.

It is like saying by this time tomorrow, a bag of rice now being sold for N15,000:00 will be sold for N2,000:00. Now an officer of the King of Israel doubted the word of Elisha and so Elisha told him that he will see abundance but will not taste of it. Doubt is a killer and the man died because of unbelief. Believing the word of God does not come naturally so you have to feed your faith with the word of God. (Romans 10:17). In Luke’s gospel we were told that Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, doubted the angel of God and so he became dumb so that he will not truncate the miracle of God. We defeat our miracles by the words we speak. This year I admonish you to speak abundance, see it coming and embrace it. Elijah told Elisha “If you can see me going”; After Lot left Abraham, God told him “As far as your eyes can see”. How do you see yourself this year? You need a high dose of faith to break inertia and stagnation and enter into God’s abundance. Don’t look at the situation in Nigeria because it is what you see that you will get. Use your brain to think and your heart to believe and abundance will manifest in your life. The second barrier to break is that of evil association. There are some people to avoid this year if you want abundance. The first group are those who kill your faith.


Those who say, like the King’s officer “How can this be? Even if God were to open the windows of heaven, this cannot happen?” The second category are those God is angry with. Now how do you know those whom God is angry with? They are the people who always misbehave. In 2 Chronicles 18:28-32, Jehoshaphat almost lost his life because he partnered with Ahab, a man God was angry with. To see abundance choose carefully those you will partner with this year. The third barrier is that of prayer. This year let prayer dominate your life. Pray for the mercy of God; pray for the power of God! One man of God said that Christianity without power is a suicide mission! Pray to reign over the powers of darkness; pray to recover the glory you lost at conception, pregnancy and birth. Pray to recover all your generations have lost; pray against evil foundations, covenants, family patterns, limitations, evil decrees and sacrifices; pray against generational curses. Finally break the barrier of poverty by sowing bountifully. When you make God and his work your priority this year abundance shall flow towards you in unprecedented ways.

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I prophecy that this year 2019 shall be your year of abundance! It shall be better than the last 10 years and the glory of 5 years shall be added unto you this year.
Prayer points:
• O God my father, help me to believe and act upon your word this year.
• O God my father let your mercy locate me like never before in 2019
• Father in heaven baptize me with the power to reign and exercise dominion in life in Jesus name.
• O God my father restore all that I have lost in life through demonic manipulations in Jesus name
• O God my father deliver me from evil covenant, patterns, limitations, curses attached to my foundation.

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