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Breaking power of the grave

By John Okene
28 June 2020   |   4:14 am
The word Grave in Hebrews is “Queber,” which means a place of destruction. Grave in Greek is “Hades,” which means a place of departed souls.

Text: Psalm 88:3-5; Psalm 49:15; John 11:43-44
The word Grave in Hebrews is “Queber,” which means a place of destruction. Grave in Greek is “Hades,” which means a place of departed souls. From our text, we see that it is possible for a man to live his life like the slain who lies in the grave. It is also possible to break, be redeemed or be delivered from the power of the grave. In this world, there is a realm of the spirit known as the graveyard realm. It is a place where people’s lives, virtues, health and wealth are buried and destroyed. Graveyard power or spirit is a reality and majority of Christians are living under the bondage of this power. Satanic powers know it well and use it to overturn destinies and terminate people’s glory. You are divinely fortunate to be reading this message right now, and I believe the time for your deliverance from this power has come.

We shall be considering the various characteristics of the grave, as it affects men’s lives. The first of them is that it is a place where man is cut off and separated totally from life and people. There is no communication between the dead and the living, so if you feel totally cut off from the people you love, the good things around and even your helpers, it could be the sign of graveyard powers in operation in your life. Secondly, the grave is a place where man is forgotten. When a man is under the influence of graveyard powers, no one remembers him, his case becomes like a closed chapter in men’s heart. Those who promised to help him totally forget him. Again, the grave is a cruel place, as we see in Songs of Solomon 8:6. It is cruel because it has swallowed up the destinies and glory of great and mighty men, kings and princes, and has reduced them to servants, beggars and living corpses. Living men are caught in the cruel net of the grave like birds are caught in a snare. The grave robs a man of his liberty, when he least expects because the enemy has gone ahead to set a trap (death) for him. Sometime ago, a sister cried to me for prayer and deliverance. She had been married for about fifteen years and nothing seemed to be working out around her life. Every job and business she attempted failed. She moved from one health challenge to another and her husband was not spared from this chain of woes. They had had series of miscarriages, yet no child. I gave her some prayer points for God to reveal the source of their problems. Her memory was suddenly released after prayer and she recounted that when she was a little girl, in her mother’s absence, her step mother brought home a witch doctor, who dug a grave about her size at their backyard and she was made to lie in it for some hours. Some incantations were made, which she could not understand and she was made never to tell her mother about it. Unknown to her, her destiny and glory had been buried, which explains why she was experiencing non-achievement in life. In addition to this, she always had suicidal tendencies with strange dreams. After the deliverance session with her, her story changed. I decree to you that God will intervene in your situation speedily in Jesus name.

The fourth characteristic of the grave is that it is a place of darkness. Occultic powers, witches and wizards are all children of darkness, and they use the graveyard for satanic consultations and activities. I pray for you, any power or personality consulting the grave because of you and your loved ones will die in Jesus name.

• O Lord, all my virtues, health and wealth swallowed by graveyard powers, I command them to be vomited by fire.

• Every power of the grave over my life in the name of Jesus, break.

• Every witchcraft dream connecting me to the dead, expire in Jesus name.
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