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Breaking the power of shame – Part 2



One of the things that can cause shame is being in BONDAGE or CAPTIVITY. A lady who works as a nurse in Benin City, Edo State, heard me preach a related topic on Radio Nigeria. She ran down to see me in Warri, Delta State. She said she had been bed-wetting for several years, and this had caused her great embarrassment that even when on night duty, she would wet the clinic bed if she attempted to sleep. She explained in tears that a woman would tell her in the dream to urinate in a container and when she did, she would wake up to find her bed wet. When I prayed with her, all that nonsense came to an end in her life. Another lady said she could not get married because of the ministry of a spirit husband. She said she sometimes thought she was a hermaphrodite, as she could feel she had male organs in her private region.

How do you explain such shameful situations and even the case of another lady, who said during her monthly flow, what comes out were tiny eggs? A young man said for strange reasons, he plucks out hair from his head to eat. One other lady said after eating at home, she would have the urge to go and eat from the waste bin. All these people, through the grace of God, got their total deliverance after going through sessions of prayers with me. “I pray for you that every bondage you find yourself that is causing you shame may God terminate it in Jesus’ name”. Another thing that can cause shame is SICKNESS, as we see in Mark 5:25-30. We have series of testimonies of people healed of such diseases as HIV, STDs, abnormal growth and even sore in the private region. It could sometimes be strange habits that you find difficult to share with anybody. “May God put an end to them all in Jesus’ name”.

Shame can make a man do a lot of strange things, such as seeking refuge in ridiculous places. It can make you run from your helpers and even from the church. When Adam and Eve discovered they were naked, they covered up themselves with fig leaves. So also shame can make men cover up with inadequate means. Some go into alcoholism, smoking and taking of hard drugs. All these are artificial and inadequate coverings. The only one who can cover up a man from shame is Jesus. In 2 Kings 5:10, Naaman covered up his leprosy with clothes until he met the man of God. The prophet only gave him divine instruction, which led to his total healing. We discover that what we need to keep away from shame in situations like these is obedience. It is cheaper to live holy than to live in sin.

“May you receive the divine instructions that will put a permanent end to shame in your life in Jesus’ name”. In Joel 2:25-27, we see God’s prophecy for us, which says that shame shall be far from us and there shall be a restoration of everything we have lost to shame. To further buttress this prophecy in Isaiah 61:7, God says He will give us double for every shame we have suffered. This implies that where you have suffered delay in child bearing, He will honour you with sets of twins. For your years of joblessness and delayed promotion, you shall receive double honours and for your years of afflictions, pains, and oppression, you shall get divine settlement.

“May God cover your shame with His glory in Jesus’ name”.
Rev John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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