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Breaking the stronghold of generational curse – Part I



Text: Exo. 20:5; 1 Kings 2:27
A curse is a word or an expression with which to cause harm or misfortune to someone, an entity, a place or an object. Any word that is spoken by a man that has an authority over you, with the purpose to cause you harm or to release demons to operate in a particular house/place is a curse.

A curse is also a magic spell or evil words placed on people with the intention to harm, hence a curse could manifest in the form of poverty, sickness, accident or death. The following are reasons people lay curses on fellow human.

First, it is for the purpose of revenge. For example, someone who was disappointed by his fiancé/fiancée could take revenge by pronouncing a curse that there will not be a cry of baby in the house of the one that disappointed him/her, without the knowledge of the one that is cursed. He /she could go on in life without having a child because of the curse placed on him. Again, a curse is placed to cause injury or destruction. In this case, the curse is placed just to cause harm.


Third, a curse is placed to cause rejection and render the person useless. When this happens, he will suffer rejection wherever he finds himself.

For every curse pronounced, demons are invoked/released and they accompany their victim wherever they go. Also, people place curse to cause terminal illness, prevent people from getting married or having children. A sister came to me for prayer, at 44 years of age, she was still bedwetting. We ran her through deliverance. When she got home, she had a dream and saw that her mother urinated in a pool and while going out to pour it away, she mistakenly poured it on a man passing by. She begged him not to be offended that it was a mistake, unknowing to her, the man was an evil priest. The man got angry and told her that for pouring urine on him, all her female daughters will bedwet till they die. The mother continued begging him to revoke the curse but he refused and left. When the sister woke up, she called her other four sisters to find out from them if they were having similar experiences and they said yes. The mother was contacted and she told them the year the incident took place. All five daughters were bedwetting; three out of the five that were available came for further deliverance. After the prayers all the five sisters were liberated from the bondage.

Below are some people that have the authority to place curse on someone. First of them is one’s parents. Your parents have the ability to place a curse in your life and it will stick to your life forever if left unbroken. As parents you have to be careful what you say to your child. If you tell your child/children that it will not be well with them, it will come to pass. (Gen 49:3-4). Some parents when angry pronounce curse on their children, which end up catching up with them later on in life. Second, an anointed man of God has the authority to place a curse on a man’s life and it will come to pass. As seen in the case of Elisha, some children insulted him by calling him a man with bald head (2 Kings 2:23-24). He got angry and called out two beers to eat them up. As soon as he made the pronouncement, instantly the beers came out and ate the children. Also, when he placed a curse on Gehazi, immediately, leprosy came on him and Gehazi left his presence as white as snow.

Prayer Points
• My father!! Any power from my father’s/mother’s house that has vowed that I will not cross a particular limit, you are not my creator, what are you waiting for, die!

• My father!! Every curse from my father’s/mother’s house that made men to suffer or struggle in life, o ye curse, in the name of Jesus, break!

• My father!! Every curse of thou shall not excel operating in my life, in the name of Jesus, break!

• Every ancestral embargo on my life, family, and finance be lifted up in Jesus name.

• My father!! Every satanic chain dragging me back in life, o ye evil chain, what are you waiting for, break!

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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