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Breaking the stronghold of spirit spouse – Part 2



Text: Luke 1:74-75, Obadiah 1:17

There is a family spirit spouse. This originates from the idol or deity the family served. Members of such family have common experience in their dreams where they see a man or woman having sex with them in their dreams. It is a sign that they are either married or covenanted to that idol or deity. If there are eight members in such a family, you will discover that all eight of them have the same spirit spouse sleeping with them. In such cases, they have been married to a demon deity. In some cases, some of the parents that are occultic end up marrying their children and they became the spirit spouse of their children.

Some time ago, one of my sons in the Lord wanted to marry a lady. There were nine girls in the family and none were married. The lady this brother wanted to marry was the ninth daughter. On the day of the traditional marriage, the father of the lady refused to give her out for marriage. The father said he can’t collect the bride price. My son called me and I prayed with him. When he went to meet the father-in-law, he changed his mind and allowed them to proceed with the payment of the bride price. As soon as the bride price was paid and collected by the bride’s father, he started confessing that he married all his nine daughters in the coven and the agreement was that he was not supposed to allow them to get married and that the day he collects their dowry he would die. After the confession, he died on the spot.


Also, there is the semi-visible spirit spouse. To some people, whenever the spirit spouse is around them, they usually perceive a particular odour. Sometimes when the spirit spouse enters their house, they are aware that he/she is around because they can perceive the odour that is associated with him. Another type of spirit spouse is the visible spirit spouse. For this category of people, they are deeply entangled in it and they love it.

A sister told me that her own spirit spouse drops money physically for her in the drawer for her upkeep. Whenever she is in need of money, she will ask him for it and the spirit spouse will drop the money in her drawer. Whenever he comes in, she knows he is around. Again, there is the hermaphrodite spirit spouse. This spirit spouse can come in the form of a female and has a male organ. They also have both male and female organ. Lastly, there is a lesbian or gay spirit spouse. In this case, a female sees another female sleeping with her in her dreams, the same goes for the male. They release this spirit into their victims and such people begin to have a strange likeness for same-sex intercourse.

Below are some repercussions of spirit spouse. First, it puts the victim in serious bondage and makes them, especially ladies, to have strange body odour. It hinders them from getting married and makes the ladies suffer disappointments. It also introduces the spirit of lust and promiscuity into the life of its victim.

Again, they are responsible for barrenness and miscarriages in marriage. They do this in order to scatter their victim’s marriage. For some, whenever they are pregnant, they will see the spirit spouse having sex with them in their dream and then wakes up to see that they are already bleeding. Also, they are responsible for hardship, poverty, serious misunderstanding and divorce in marriages.

The spirit spouse also attacks everything their victim does so that they won’t prosper. They enact acute poverty to cause problems among the couples and thereafter break the marriage. Another effect is that they are responsible for all kinds of acute sickness and affliction in marriage. In some cases, they kill their victims if they see that their victims are adamant in separating from their physical spouse. They are also responsible for making people have children out of wedlock, prolonged pregnancy and internal heat in the body.

To break the stronghold of spirit spouse from your life, you must be born again. To be born again means to cut every tie with the devil and properly surrender to Jesus Christ and run away from sin. Secondly, take out time to fast and engage in serious warfare to break out of the grip of this spirit spouse.

Rev. John Okene
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries. Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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