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Akinyemi: Creating Memorable Events With A Passion

By Bisi Alabi Williams
10 May 2015   |   1:54 am
Tinuola Favour Akinyemi is an event manager, decorator and caterer. She runs Flavour Favour Confectionery. Tinuola’s sojourn in the event planning world started from the church where she was in the Girl’s Brigade and youth ministry.

IMGTinuola Favour Akinyemi is an event manager, decorator and caterer. She runs Flavour Favour Confectionery. Tinuola’s sojourn in the event planning world started from the church where she was in the Girl’s Brigade and youth ministry.

“I was among the planning committee. So, while there, I discovered my passion for event planning. I was always called upon to be in charge of the food, baking and the decoration during occasions or key events in the church,” she recalls.

So, it wasn’t long before the church management realised that she is naturally resourceful and enterprising. The church then decided to put her talents to good use. As it was, she was often the one called upon to make hats or beads for church members and participants at auspicious occasions and church events.

“It was in the course of carrying out these functions, that my passion was kindle and the fire has been burning brighter to be what it is today. It soon became a vocation.

“As I grew older, this enterprise spirit, which started in church extended to family and friends. When I eventually gained admission into the university, my course mates, room mates and members of the university community, constantly placed orders for cakes, hat making, beads, as well as going to get their hair done beautifully,” she says.

School was fun and interesting because she was studying hard and also making good money on campus. As her business comprises many aspects, she was able to make a lot of money, which ordinarily wouldn’t have been the case, were she to just focus on one thing. She was particularly happy that the business took care of the financial aspect of her education.

And it was at this point that she decided to go into event planning after graduation. Essentially, this was how Flavour Favour Confectionery came into being, which she manages as CEO.

Several years down the line, Tinuola is glad and feels fulfilled, especially as her flourishing business has been built on a foundation of hard work, diligence and strength of character.

She is equally happy that she enjoys good relationship with her clients. “I am happy that my creative ability and affordable prices has made me a reference point with my clients. My customers keep coming back and referring me to others.

This has greatly encouraged me on the job. To this extent, one good customer or good order automatically means one or two more clients. It has been my unique selling point from the university days till now,” she explains.

Little wonder that her confectionery and event-planning business has grown in leaps She is satisfied doing what she does because she is enjoying it. “However, doing business in this environment comes with a lot of challenges.

As every business has its own challenges, so does mine. My major challenge is inadequate power supply, which affects the cost of production. Sometimes, this can frustrate the production process, but as a thriving business, we do all we can to ensure that the customer is satisfied,” she says.

Taking stock of how she has fared so far, she acknowledges that the Lord has been faithful to her from the very beginning. And despite all the challenges, the business is growing.

“I can boldly and humbly beat my chest and say I am an event planner. It is not by my doing, but the grace of the Almighty. I have grown to become a professional event planner,” she says.

Tinuola is quick to tell you that against all odds, she has kept faith, made progress and able to impart knowledge and creativity in her workers and those around her. Many people that passed through her outfit have also gone into the business and are earning their living through it.

“I can tell you that one of the things that has kept me is that as a professional event planner, my client have always appreciated my services and the comments I received is that my products are always of good quality. This has prompted them to order more for my services year in year out. This has in turn encouraged me to always put in my best,” she explains.

On what young people can learn from her, she says: “Young people need to discover their passions, talents or potentials. The Lord has naturally endowed every human being with one or other talent. So, all that is needed to succeed is to focus on these gifts and seek to develop them because it will serve as a platform for greatness.

Any one can achieve greatness through faithfulness, determination, hard work and by putting God first in all they do,” she says. Her greatest strength, she says, lies in her ability to identify her talent and pursue it relentlessly. Although it was something that started as a passion, it has nonetheless blossomed into a thriving career.

Through it, she has been able to not only impact and improve the lives of others she has also contributed her quota to nation building. Beyond the many commendations that she has received from friends, family and clients, she has also received awards of commendation and excellence by her church. “I have received two awards from my church, from where it all started.

The first award of excellence was given to me was in 1999 from the youth ministry of Saint Andrew Anglican Church. That award was for my selfless and sacrificial support for the development of the youth ministry in the church.

The second award was given to me in 2013. “Youths can build strong platforms that will boost their net worth. Being focused, determined and believing in themselves coupled with an attitude of ‘can do’ will help them surmount any obstacle.

They should also be able to maintain a good balance between their home, career and business,” she says. Tinuola considers her two hands to be her greatest asset. She runs a rather tight schedule, which keeps her busy 24/7. She doesn’t condone idleness in the least, as she believes firmly in the Scriptural saying that ‘whatever thy hands finds to do, do it diligently.’

Her creative hands are always busy doing one thing or the other. When she is not working, however, she takes time to develop herself through reading and research. This, she says, has helped in no small measure to add value to her work and life, as well as broadening her horizon. She relaxes by reading books. Tinuola recalls that growing up was good, though life was not so rosy either.

And although she is not a silver spoon, she has been able to nurture her life in such a way that has distinguished her. “Looking through my young life, I can honestly say that I have been greatly inspired by my parents, church members and friends, who have encouraged me in one way or the other to be the person that I am today,” she says.

Tinuola is from Ogun State and is the fifth and last child of Mr. and Mrs. M. G Oladokun. She grew up in Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos State, and she enjoyed growing up in that setting.

“I have fond memories of my childhood. As the last born of the family, I was given preferential treatment by my parents and siblings,” she says. Hers was a strong Christian home that was filled with so much love and discipline.

Her parents taught their children to be respectful to elders. They were also taught to be responsible, hardworking, prayerful, truthful, faithful and accommodating. So she learned to be contented with whatever she has.

“Mum used to tell me to always give my very best in all that I do and give a good report of myself wherever I am. This has stuck with me through the years and has made me develop a quality-based mentality in all I do everywhere I go and everywhere I find myself. It has truly helped me,” she says.

Those that know Tinuola’s family attest to the fact that the family serves as a reference point and a great motivation to many. The Oladokuns are well known as a united and devoted family. A very prayerful family, the members delight in rendering service and helping the needy.