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‘My Generation Should Be Agents Of Change To Reverse Failure Of Governance’


ELISHAMA Ideh is an evangelist and minister of the gospel with a mandate to reach nations and impact lives through the inimitable love of Christ. She is also founder and President of Christ Ever-Present Ministries (CTEM), a faith-based organization that provides succour for despairing souls. Elishama is the initiator of Partnership For A New Nigeria (PFANN), a socio-advocacy group seeking to engender ethical revolution in the polity to enthrone the birth of a new Nigeria.Her latest project is a message tagged, ‘Nigeria, A Nation Chosen By God.’

What is the inspiration behind the new project?

This God-inspired vision was given to as a result of the issues arising presently in our nation. It is not a new message especially to Christians. It’s a message that has been revealed by different Christian ministers, but with a deeper and fresher insight to these revelations than ones received before. This message is to be related to people across the nation and to the uttermost part of the earth because it is also an end-time message. What really inspires me is the realization of the love of Christ for me. He has shown me His love in many ways. That is my pleasure. I enjoy a deep intimacy with the Lord.

What is crux of the message to Nigerians?

We should not be weary of whatever situation we find ourselves in. Now, as a project, Nigeria should be the focus of everyone to see how we can take our country to the next level. We need to unite to make Nigeria a glorious land again. The essence of the message: “Nigeria, A Nation Chosen By God” is to look at governance through the eyes of God. We are looking at the righteousness that exalts a nation. This happens when the nations leaders meet the needs of the people and give the people their due. This is the natural principle of God for governance.

What is your approach to handling it?

We are sending these Compact disks to the Presidency, the Senate, the State Houses of Assembly and other government machinery so that they can have an understanding of God’s natural principle of governance, since the message is a wake-up to every Nigerian regardless of age, status, religion or tribe. There will be remaining compact disks available to the general public at affordable price. It will be a handbook for every Nigerian citizen, a wake-up call for every Nigerian to take his destiny into his own hands and see what can be done to contribute one’s quota to building a new Nigeria. We have started putting in place the machinery to help in facilitating the distribution process.

How did your ministry, (CTEM) come about?

Christ The Ever-Present Ministries (CTEM) was founded solely with the mandate to reveal the love of Christ to the lost in our generation, to reach the unsaved, rejected, oppressed and destitute; those generally regarded as dregs of society, with the gospel of salvation and in the process, restore hope not just by word of mouth, but by practical demonstration. The Lord has commissioned CTEM to wipe tears from those the society have abandoned and to put smiles back on their faces, even in seemingly hopeless situations._

Is there a link between this initiative and your Partnership For A New Nigeria (PFANN) project?

Yes, there is. It is an extension of what God is doing with PFANN. In 2003, a few years after CTEM was founded, I began to witness the decay in our nation by the reason of the work I was called to do in CTEM. I discovered that there was so much suffering in the nation, and worst still, that we have enough natural resources to ensure the wellbeing of all the citizens. But these resources are being mismanaged and not properly harnessed by the people in authority. It was based on these findings and in a bid to correct this societal ill that “Thy Kingdom Come” was birthed.

Effort was made to educate believers and leaders of the church on the importance of getting involved in the politics of the nation, how repulsive walls against the church needed to be broken so that the light and the salt of the earth which they have been called to be, will be extended to the exteriors of the nation. In 2007, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ then graduated to “Kingdom Dimension Series” (KDS), which later came under the platform of PFANN. In 2007, PFANN traversed almost the length and breadth of this country, intimating and educating the populace, particularly Christians and their leaders on the urgent need to take more than a passing interest in the governance and affairs of the country.

What is the overall objective of PFANN?

It is to make Christians realize that for as long as they distance themselves from direct or active participation in politics, ostensibly under the notion that politics is dirty, then we will continually be under the rule and dominion of the kind of leaders we have unfortunately been saddled with since independence.

It is, therefore, imperative that Christians begin to make the conscious efforts of taking more than a passive interest in politics, if we ever hope to clean the Augean stable of filth, which is the hallmark of today’s situation.

It is also worthy to note that Partnership For A New Nigeria (PFANN) is not in association with any political group or persons. Our responsibility is to promote and encourage the right people to be agents of change in the affairs of our nation and engender ethical revolution in the polity and consequently enthrone the birth of a new Nigeria.

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