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Cake baking and interior decor

By Omiko Awa
27 November 2016   |   3:57 am
Hurray! In a few days, we shall be in December when most people will be on holidays, visiting families and friends, going to beaches and fun centres, as well as partying.
Cake baking

Cake baking

Hurray! In a few days, we shall be in December when most people will be on holidays, visiting families and friends, going to beaches and fun centres, as well as partying. It is a period to mingle and celebrate with loved ones. During this season, people celebrate different events –– birthdays, house warming and even Christmas.

Owing to this period there are different activities that border on interior decor, event planning and management, and cuisines. Professionals oftentime find it difficult to handle some of the contracts, which provides opportunities for amateur to test their skills, sell themselves to those that would need them, and, of course, fill the void so created.

Churches, public spaces and even private homes at this period need some touch; managers of these places would need some hands to decorate them, give them the necessary facelift that would reflect the ambience of the season. So, there are more than enough to keep interested holiday makers busy and also create avenues to make money.

For instance, if one enjoys baking or has the artistic skill that could turn any unpleasant look to a splendid one, then you are in to make some money during this season, because public spaces, churches and homes to decorate and people to entertain with mouthwatering delicacies.

One may ask how could he/she be fixed up? The answer is simply. If you have already known how to bake cakes or prepare any small chops, then all you need to do is to join any youth group on campus or cell group in your church to organise or plan gigs; do the baking for free, but never fail to leave your details on them, for this serves as adverts. But if you are good with colours, know how to use them and other ornaments to beautify homes, then you have to meet your team leader or the head of your congregation and volunteer to serve in the committee responsible for interior decors; contribute meaningfully in the group that would make any member to be interested to work with you again.

Perhaps, you are not fortunate to find a group, prepare special cakes for those you know are celebrating this season; show that their events matter to you, give them that special cake designs for a token and before long you will be creating a market for yourself.

As a student, you do not need all the money in the bank to make confectioneries or those fruit drinks that most people hardly find time to prepare. You could use between N2,000 and N5,000 to start off. Buy different drinks and spice, mix them and serve. Note, while doing this, let your benefactors know the health values of the drink. Explain how they stand to gain and if possible, explain the contents. Telling people the fruits used does not mean the business would be taken off you; no, it rather builds trust and credibility.

This marketing strategy works like magic to attracting further business. Key into the season, now that you have the time and earn some money.

Many people are willing to pay others to create custom cakes for birthdays, Xmas parties or any special events, or even handle their decors; so do not be left out.

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