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Breaking limitations


Break-LimitationsLife is a race and only those prepared to dare and face the challenges would come out victorious. There is no limit to what one can do or the height to attain if one dares. All human beings are endowed with capacity to face this journey, irrespective of place of birth, status or creed. However, you are the only one that can limit yourself. Simply put, ‘what you believe is what you become.’ What you attempt is what you attain. Your life will never be better than how much you are willing to put into it. Note this, no one is designed to be a failure. Everyone that has failed do so because of his/her mindset. You too can enjoy an enviable and successful life, if only you are able to take the required steps.

Steps To Break Limitations
• Possess The Right Mentality
Our placement in life is a product of our mentality. Limitations in life, therefore, begin with the mindset. Every man’s position is a function of his imagination. It is how you think that determines how you live. You become what you think. The mind is the faculty of our life. The things we see, who we are and what we do are all subject to how we think. They are products of our mindset. So, if you are going to break every limitation in your life, you then need to pattern your mind to your desire. Dr. David Oyedepo once said “It is a failure mentality that makes a failure and a success mentality that makes a star.” The greatest enemy of any man is his mind.

• Confront The Stuff
It is popularly said that quitters never win and winners never quit. You need to understand that only those who confront situations conquer. Life will never be fair with you, and that is why you must persevere. Sometimes, life may treat one bad, you experience hard times, but just understand that life is a race that only the committed wins. You must be focused to realise your dream. And if you fail once, try again and again, never give up. Life is not over yet, until you have given up. See limitations, as stepping stones to breakthrough. The difference between you and the successful man is not because he didn’t have problems, but because he sees problems as opportunities for learning new ideas and better ways to get things done. Challenges are what make champions in history. Nobody accidentally rises as a star. Every champion in life took deliberate steps outside his/her comfort zone to make something happen. See you at the top.

• Osunsanya is 400 level student of Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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Break Limitations
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