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Dress for Respect


booobsThis week’s Met Gala Awards caused an uproar on a facebook group that I am part of, called Raising Confident Girls. A lot of members were outraged at some of the outfits that female celebrities wore because these are celebrities that their daughters look up to.

Has fashion gone too far? The popular view was that these celebrities are not setting good examples for young girls and that showing too much skin is not a sign of strong inner confidence.

Let’s discuss reasons why it is wise for girls to keep their clothes on and not show so much skin. Respect: People make opinions about you in the first 5 seconds.

You can still look fashionable without your clothes looking too skimpy. Chizzy felt pressured by some of her friends because their outfits were getting shorter and shorter but her mum taught her how to respect her body.

So despite the pressure she decided not to dress provocatively. Danger: Unfortunately when you dress in very skimpy clothes you are more likely to get unnecessary attention and if you are alone it can be dangerous. Jackie nearly got herself into trouble because she dressed quite provocatively to a party.

She had been out with some friends but didn’t have anyone to drop her home, so she caught the bus. By the time she got near her house a few men started chasing her. They wanted to rape her. She ran for her dear life and managed to get home.

She was lucky to escape being attacked. Self worth: Your self-worth is not determined by how tight your dress is or how much flesh you are showing. Your self-worth comes from inside.

Wearing skimpy clothes does not actually increase your self-worth. It actually makes one look trashy and unladylike. Confidence: When you are strong and feel worthy inside, then you do not have to resort to displaying all your body parts for everyone to see.

Inner confidence comes from inside of you and how deeply you know and accept yourself. You don’t need to wear skimpy clothes to feel confident.

Finally, as a valuable girl, you are rare just like a diamond. Diamonds are not displayed everywhere for all to see. And so as a valuable girl your body is a temple. You can still be fashionable but all body parts shouldn’t be on display for all to see because you are far too valuable. Follow blog at

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