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Children’s Day: Our needs, wishes and vision


Although adults tend to underestimate them, children have a better grasp of issues than they are credited with. So, as the world celebrates another Children’s Day, Nigerian children express their desires, wishes and vision for the country.

‘Govt Should Create Avenue For Children To Interface With Leaders’
One of the primary responsibilities of any government is the protection of life and property of its citizens. Also, a government has the responsibility of providing basic amenities for the benefit and comfort of the citizenry.

As a child with aspirations and burning desire to impact my society positively and make an unprecedented impact among my contemporaries, I would want government to improve our standard of education. As we all know, education is important to the development of any society. The government should also offer mandatory scholarship to students that excel to enable them attend any tertiary institution in any part of the world.

Government should create avenue for children to inter-face freely with leaders and express themselves on issues that bother them.
Government should create relaxation parks in all nooks and crannies of the country, where children can get together, interact with one another, and socialise without hindrances. As we all know, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. If government can do all these for us, we will be more than grateful.
Oluwatobi Onikoyi, Rightville School Surulere, Lagos.


‘Govt Should See To Our Parents’ Welfare And Well-being’
Children are the heart and future of Nigeria. So, I would want government to provide free education, so that poor children can go to school, as well as provide employment for so many jobless youths that are just roaming about. Government should also see to the welfare and well-being of our teachers and parents, so that they can take good care of us.

I am sure that children will be very happy if all these issues are addressed.
Adaeze Anthony-Kalu, Rightville School, Surulere, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Protect All Children’
As a Nigerian child, I would like government to do everything possible to protect all children. Also, the police should be friendly, so that we can trust them enough to protect our lives and properties. In some countries, the police are the people’s best friends. But in Nigeria, they are trouble.
In addition, I would like government to promote adequate health care system in the country.

I would also like government to increase the number of hour children spend in school. This will enable students that are not very intelligent or not doing well to learn more and perform better.
Bridge Bello, Rightville School, Surulere, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Listen To Our Complaints And Make Things Better’
The cost of living in Nigeria has skyrocketed in recent times, despite the nation’s enormous economic prospect. The cost of textbooks, food items and epileptic power supply worry me. As children, we want a change in the country. Government should listen to our complaints and make the country a better place for students.

Also, government should provide steady power supply, so that we can study well and do our home works. We plead with government to provide good roads, so that students won’t be dying needlessly through accidents. There are also security issues, which government should address to make Nigerian children safe.
I want government to create job opportunities for youths. So many youths are on the street, not having any dream to be successful in life. Government should make education free for children to stop them from hawking on the streets and by roadsides.
Adeniji David, SS2, Vineville Academy, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Make School Curriculum More Practical’
Adebisi completed her primary education in 2017. She was my classmate. However, due to her poor family background, her parents had no steady source of income and could hardly feed. She had to support her family by hawking petty food items by the roadside. Long story short, she had an accident one early morning, while selling by the roadside. She died instantly. This girl could have been me. She could have been in the same class I am now, if only her parents had a good source of income, or if only there had been free education. She had a great future ahead of her because she was always coming first in class.

Parents are expected to provide shelter, clothing and food for their children. However, government is expected to provide these needs on a larger scale.

I want government to provide job opportunities for our parents, to enable them provide their children’s basic needs and pay their school fees.

To make the country go forward, I think bad leaders should be removed so that good ones are allowed to rule.

I want government to make school curriculum more practical, as well as provide the right atmosphere for children to excel.
Omoshie Precious Ogochukwu, SS2, Vineville Academy, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos.

‘Our Parents And Teachers Should Be Taken Care Of’
Although Nigeria is a developing nation and is destined to be a great country, but there is need to improve on the development and growth by properly preparing youths to be great future leaders. As government is primarily responsible for children’s protection, I want government to make more efforts to ensure that Nigerian children are safe.

I would also want government to provide quality basic education to all children in the country. Our parents and teachers should be taken good care of, so that they can also take good care of us.
Chibuchi Ozims, Vineville Academy, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Provide Affordable Houses So That We Can Grow Up In Good Neighbourhood’
I want government to provide free and quality education in all schools, including private ones. They should also use the resources in a way to benefit everybody, especially the masses. This will make living easy for our parents. I also want government to scrap all schools that are not approved to prevent children from getting inadequate and substandard education. For parents that cannot afford their children’s school fees, government should support them up till tertiary level. Government should provide affordable houses for our parents, so that we can live in good neighbourhood. A child that grows up in a serene environment cannot become an irresponsible adult.
Oso Oluwaferanmi, SS2, Molan High School, Ikotun, Lagos.

‘More Attention Should Be Paid To School Sports’
I want government to stop the killings and abductions of schoolchildren all over the country. I listen to radio programmes a lot and also watch television. I am not pleased with the bad things happening in the country. Government should treat our teachers better, by increasing their salaries. They are the ones that prepare us for the future and we are tomorrow’s leaders. More attention should be paid to sports in schools all over the country. I hope I’ll get a scholarship in future.
George Oluwabusolami, Pry 5, Molan High School, Ikotun, Lagos.


‘More Children Should Be Helped To Go To School’
I wish more children would be helped to go to school, so that they will stop hawking. Scholarship should be given to bright students, so that other children will be more serious in their studies. Government should ensure that each family is provided with good standard of living through creation of jobs opportunities. This will help our parents have adequate and stable source of income. If all this is done, children will grow in good environment to become emotionally and morally strong.
Fadahunsi Abayomi, SS2, Molan High School, Ikotun, Lagos.

Govt Should Stop Child Trafficking’
I feel sad every time I hear on the radio and television that children are being trafficked to other countries for bad purposes. So, government should do everything to fight the problem. There should be constant power supply. Government should increase teachers’ salaries in public and private schools. Government should help schools to equip their libraries.
Sanusi Abdul-Lateef Iyiola, Pry 4, Molan High School, Ikotun, Lagos.

‘I Pray That Nigeria Becomes A Great Country’
Government should provide free education, build good schools and employ qualified teachers. Government should take care of poor people, by providing low cost houses and employment. Government should also make the society safe. I pray that Nigeria would be a great country because we are blessed with a lot of resources. I am not happy that things are not working fine— we don’t have electricity and everybody is just going on strike.
Yussuf Ally, Primary 5, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘I Wish Nigeria Would Become Like United States And United Kingdom’
I wish Nigeria become a better country. Other countries and their people see our country as a bad place, where all the citizens are corrupt. Government should do more for security agencies, by giving them more money to buy equipment, pay their salaries regularly and take care of their families, so that they can protect all of us. I think government should also do more to provide good education for children and provide employment for our parents, so that they can take care of us. I pray that Nigeria be like the United States, United Kingdom and China, if not better in the future.
Adegbite Abdulmalik, JSS 2, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘Youths Should Be Empowered’
I would like government to empower the youths, so that the country would be made great by tomorrow’s leaders. I also want government to provide social amenities like electricity, good roads and other infrastructure, so that youths can create jobs and not look for office employment after graduating from school.

My vision for Nigeria is for it to become a country, where students have access to high quality education, where there is constant electricity and other nations and their people respect us like they used to.
Bakare Fridaus, SS3, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘The Leaders Should Try To Be Role Models’
I think government should provide good education for all children in the country. Government should also provide conducive environment for learning and make it fun. The leaders are not role models, as they are not governing well. But they should do more to make Nigeria a better place and see to the citizens’ welfare.

I think Nigeria should be more successful than it is now. There are no reasons for other nations to look at us with suspicion, because the country is blessed with natural resources and intelligent people.
Alawaye Huzenat, SS3, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Make Our Parents Happy’
Since the current government says it is fighting corruption, then corrupt cases should be well handled. Nigerian leaders are corrupt and it is because they fail to understand what it takes to be a leader. And this is seriously destroying the country.

My vision is to have a country, whose citizens imbibe good and constructive values that will help make the country great. If our parents were happy, employed and safe, they would take better care of their children. So, government should do what is necessary to make our parents happy, as this will also affect us children.
Onipede Mariam, SS3, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘Our Natural Resources Should Be Used For The Good Of The People’
In addition to what my mates have said, I think government should also provide free healthcare and constant power supply. Government should make use of our natural resources for the good of the citizens. The leadership in Nigeria is greedy.

My vision for Nigeria is for it to become a peaceful nation, where citizens are safe and the children are well educated. Nigeria is a very rich country, with good and patriotic citizens. What is needed is a visionary leader to take us to the Promised Land.
Adebowale Zeenah, SS3, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘Youths Should Be Encouraged To Go Into Farming’
For me, government should look into the agricultural sector. We all know that Nigeria has fertile land. So, youths should be encouraged to go into farming, which will help to create more jobs. Farmers should be provided with facilities and loans. Government should also do something about our roads to reduce the rate of accidents.
My vision is that Nigeria would become a great nation, where children are taken care of and prepared for a bright future.
Asimolowo Lateefat, SS1, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘The Leaders Should Think Of Moving Country Forward’
Government should critically look at certain problems the citizens are facing: Security issues, inadequate health facilities and poor educational infrastructure. Nigerian leaders are not so good, because the country is not making any progress. I think government should provide necessary amenities to make life better for the citizens, take care of us children and properly prepare us for a bright future.
Ahmed Arafat, SS2, FIEF Academy, Lagos.

‘My Vision Is For Nigeria To Reach For Greater Height’
To me, our leaders are not leading us aright, and they are not leading by example. Everyday, we hear on radio and TV that our leaders are stealing huge amount of money. This is not good for the country and Nigerian children’s future. I think government should do something quickly to correct the situation.

My vision for Nigeria is for it to reach for greater height. I would love to see a Nigeria with good economy, security and equal opportunities for all. Nigeria should be leading Africa.
Fulfilment Jayeoba, JSS 2, The Light Of Joy Schools, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Govt Should Give Scholarship To Deserving Students’
I want government to give scholarships to students that deserve it. Government should also help the less privileged and assist the unemployed. Workers’ salaries should be paid regularly, because it is only when workers are paid that they can take care of their families and pay their children’s school fees. This will also make everyone happy.

My vision for Nigeria is to see a country where everything works.
Ayotomiwa Adeniyi, Pry 5, The Light Of Joy Schools, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Adult Nigerians Should Also Contribute To Nigeria’s Development’
Government should provide social amenities to make citizens’ lives better. Government should also provide good transport system, and employment for the youths. There should be public awareness against criminality in the society. Government should eradicate corruption totally and provide all that we need to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.

But I think adult Nigerians should also put in more efforts to make the country great and make their lives richer and better. It is not only what government can do, but also what every citizen can contribute to develop the nation.
Gbotemi Agboola, JSS2, Chrismeon Int’l College, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

‘Our Leaders Should Come Together To Fight The Ills In Our Society’
I want government to provide social amenities and also give more financial support to both the public and private schools. This will ensure that Nigerian children are well educated.

If our leaders can come together to fight all the ills in this country, we will soon solve all the problems and have cause to rejoice.

My vision for Nigeria is to see her as a great nation in future.


Nigeria is supposed to be the giant of Africa, as it is blessed with plenty resources. We should all come together to make it great.
Marvellous Joseph, JSS 3, Chrismeon Int’l College, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Nigerian Leaders Should Lead By Example’
There are so many problems facing our country. So, I think government should do everything to address these issues. Government should think of how to protect us and plan a bright future for us. Government should make things easy for our parents so that they can provide our needs.

Nigerian leaders should lead by example, so that the country will make progress and we can all be proud of it.

I wish to see this country grow to the point, where Nigerians will no longer need to travel abroad in search of greener pastures.
Jesutofunmi Ajeyemi
Sito God’s Time School, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Govt Should Do Everything To Make Nigeria Great’
There is urgent need to address economic issues in the country. I want government to continue to do everything to make Nigeria great.

Nigeria is blessed with lots of natural resources and intelligent people. So, I don’t think there is any reason for the country not to be great.

As we move towards 2019 general elections, there is need to vote leaders who would bring real change to the country.

My vision is to see Nigeria return to the period my father told me everything was working and Nigerians were respected all over the world.
Oluwaseyi Ogundele
Sito God’s Time School, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

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