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Christmas Gifts: What to give friends and families


Buying gifts for loved ones during Christmas is a long-standing tradition that some can simply not do without, no matter the economic situation. Those that believe the celebration is not complete without showering family members, friends, spouses, lovers and colleagues with appropriate gift items are at it again this Christmas.

Though hampers in different shapes and sizes are already being carried about, other gift items that are not so noticeable are also being procured by shoppers at stores, supermarkets and even the traditional markets.

At Taiwo Supermarket in Ire Akari, Isolo, Lagos, different Christmas gifts were on display, with prices ranging from N2, 500 to N10, 000.

The manager, Mrs. Omolara Jimoh said: “This year, customers are going more for hampers to give their colleagues and parents. Because of this, we came up with the idea of packaging different hampers for different categories of recipients. For instance, there are hampers that don’t have the usual Milo, Bournvita, wine and other such sugary stuff for people that are diabetic. But we also have the normal hampers for those that are not diabetic.”

She explained that the prices of these hampers range from N3, 000 to N7, 000, depending on the size.


She suggested that kitchen equipment and household utensils be given to parents. “We have the electronic kitchen scale, which goes for N7, 000, just like we have multi-purpose bowls and cutleries, which come handy in the kitchen. Parents will equally like such items as electric iron, bed sheets and duvets, among others. For children, we have such toys as helicopters, well-designed, colourful balls, sword that sing Christmas songs, as well as lunch boxes. The price range is between N1, 500 and N3, 000,” she said.

She explained that wine, blenders, mugs, sets of unbreakable plates, fashion bowls and electric kettles are appropriate as gifts for colleagues and friends. “The prices for these items are between N700 and N2, 500.”

At Temple Hill Supermarket, off Ire Akari, Ms. Vivian, the sales manager, said people can give their mothers sets of high quality cooking pot, which go for between N5, 000 and N25, 000.

She said: “Our electric blenders, which are also suitable for friends and colleagues are sold for between N7, 000 and N10, 000. Beautiful sets of glass cups and high quality fashion umbrellas are also good. We also have towels, lunch boxes and toys for children. For lovers and spouses, we have nice perfumes for men and women at affordable prices.”

What is she giving her family and friends for Christmas? “I’m planning to give people sandals,” she responded.

Mr. Adebayo Alimi, another manager at the store, said he was thinking of giving his parents clothes, rice and groundnut oil. “I’m buying crossword puzzles for my children, in addition to holding a Christmas party in my house for friends and colleagues,” he said.

At Oregun Street, Ikeja, many shoppers looking for nice gifts were asking for advice and prices from sellers, who had moved to the roadside from their shops for more sales. And they were more than willing to assist shoppers choose the perfect gifts.

The prices of gifts vary, depending on the quality. Gifts such as bowls, coolers and wrappers, among others are also exchanged among shop owners and their customers.

Many shoppers bought such gifts as bags, shoes, jewelry and watches. A shop owner, Mr. Akin Wale said: “Customers come here to buy things for their spouses, especially men. They buy shoes, wristwatches, bags, perfumes and lots more. Good bags are sold for N5, 000. They also buy women shoes with prices from N7, 000 to N9, 000, and coffee mugs, which go for N1, 500. I sell a bottle of wine for N2, 500. Christmas cards are sold for N150 each.”

Interestingly, Mrs. Rophina Obassey, another shop owner, said she exchanges gifts with her customers every year. “My customers normally give me bowls, coolers, wrappers and foodstuff,” she said. “I know most of my customers and we are really close. I appreciate their loyalty and love by also giving them such items as fruit juice or any other drink of their choice.”

This year, she said she is expecting money from her husband, who usually ‘gift’ her that every Christmas. “I use the money to buy clothes for my children and myself,” she said.

But Mrs. Caro Livinius, also a shop owner, was different in her expectation, as she said she was not expecting a gift from anybody. “The only gift I want is gift of life from God,” she said.

However, Ms. Hope Monday Okon said she was expecting money from her family this season.

“The only thing I want as a gift from my family is money to buy a new phone. There is a new phone on sale now, and it is sold for N39, 000. I am tired of my old phone, so I would really appreciate it, if my family would replace it with the new one,” he said.

The shoppers were in a celebratory mood, as they moved from one shop to another to get that special gifts for loved ones.

Mrs. Ronke Odusote, a shopper said: “I buy enough gifts for everyone in my family, including myself, so that no one will feel cheated. This season comes once a year, so everybody should try and enjoy it.”

Mr. John Essien, a shop owner, delights in giving quality items to his children and wife on Christmas day. So, he saves diligently towards buying these gifts.


“My children enjoy opening their Christmas gifts on Christmas day,” he said. “It is a special treat for them every year. I normally buy toys and clothes for them. I always buy high quality toys and expensive clothes for them during the season.

“For my wife, I buy pots, plates and other kitchen utensils, because she loves cooking. We always have visitors this season, and that is why I buy these things for her, so that we will have enough food and drinks for our guests. The big size pot that can conveniently cook 32 derica cups of rice is N40, 000.

“As for gifts, I sell bags of different designs, shoes, wallets, flowers and shirts for men. People buy things from my shop as gifts to give to their wives, husband and children. Women come in here to buy shirts for their husbands for Christmas. Each shirt is sold from N1, 500.”

For Mrs. Kelechi Agbara, her desire is to provide gifts and food for her family and friends. “I will prepare food for people to eat. I’m buying crossword puzzle for my children,” she said.

Chima Chiedu, another shopper, said he was planning to give his girlfriend a necklace as Christmas gift.

Also, Mrs. Jumoke Odulaja said: “I just held a party for about 100 children recently. I gave them mathematical sets, toys and sweets. But for my parents, friends and colleagues, I will be giving them food stuffs like rice and oil, cakes and drinks, because it’s a season of exchanging gifts.”


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